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  1. VRInsight CDU I and FSUIPC Lua

    Hi it s your solution works with vas fmc... i use it and i have cdu II i like to assign directly on fsuipc for vas fmc, because is use vas in stand alone... thanks for your help stef
  2. hi... i will try to explain... but first thanks to you pete for developing fsuipc from long time now... i like to know if it s possible to pick up and send command between my mcp pro / efis and vas fmc via fsuipc and wide fs...?? i build a new cockpit with my son, i have one pc for fsx with all my goflight module and another pc with vas fmc for instrument... problem vas fmc has not all offset... efis working well but for ap and mcp pro not all... on mcp i change speed it s work on vas fmc and in other way too display change well but nothing work for altitude and hdg... i dont understand why and it s hard to ask vas fmc devloper because is not more updated... thanks stef i wish you a good holiday