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  1. I experienced a hard drive crash; how do I reinstall FSUIPC4 with out cost?? Thanks
  2. I cleaned up my computer, and I am attempting to reinstall Fsuipc4 and wide angle, I can't get to the area where the key /registration and set up file is located Help Please
  3. I am involved with the "Angle Of Attack 737Flight School" I am attempting to install controls on the joy stick such as Elevator trim up & down automatic pilot buttons on the joy stick? This is a small example of installing controls as mentioned above? Angle of Attack is not able to advise me in rectifying this problem, and advises me only to contact you forum site?? I have attempted a lot of recommendations but have not be able to install the control section??? Is there any way to test FSUIPC4 on my computer to confirm that I indeed have downloaded this program correctly ?? Thanks again for your help . h_whybrow@msn.com
  4. Hello, Thanks for your response, sorry if I were not able to be more descriptive of my problems? In any event I can't install controls into FSUIPC4,it appears as if the inputs are functioning ,however when I attempt to test the setting just installed nothing works??
  5. I have experienced problems with FSUIPC4.I purchaced the program and continued with the install program?? I have been attempting to us this program with Angle of Attack flight school ; I looking to the FSUIPC4 program and can't find the following FSUIPC.Loader,FSUIPC4.dll and FSUIPC4.ini ?? I look into the FSUIPC4 install and I get " FAILED TO PLACE FSUIPC4.DLL INTO FOLDER AS C:PROGRAM FILES(X86)\ MICROSOFT GAMES\MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR X\MODULES\FSUIPC4.DLL?? tHE SET UP IS STILL LOOKING IN HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ESP ,THE REGISTRY FOR PREPAR3D INSTALL PATH,HKEY_LOCAl_machine\software\lockheedmartin\prepar3d parameter setuppathand four other hkey current_user ,hkey_local machine software and hkey_current_user\prepar3Dv2 parameter AppPath NOT FOUND I do not know where to go,??? Can any one advise me direct me to an area to rectify this abortion?? Help Please
  6. I have the registered copy of "FSUIPC4" I am attempting to use it with the Flyaomedia flight school . I have installed the FSUIPC4 into the add on section of FSX . I attempt to start FSUIPC4 setup for the controls of the program but it will not function. FSX does not respond to FSUIPC4?? Help Please??
  7. I just purchased fsuipc4. , installed it into FSX this is the message I received after installing "ERROR:flxActCommonRepairLocalTrustedStorage--(50044,7113,1) PMDG 737NGX Internal Fault You do not have a lience for this Product" I have using this program with FSX for months ;after installing fsuipc4. I can't open FSX at all ???
  8. Hi I just installed fsuipc4. and proceed to run FSX the following message was posted?? " This game needs to connect to the internet to activate. Please make sure that your internet connection is active & enter the activation code included with the game. Enter the product code. 737NG Activation Error; flxActCommonRepairLocalTrustedStorage (50044,7113,1) PMDG 737NGX Internal Fault YOU DONT HAVE A VALID LIENCE FOR THIS PRODUCT"??? I have been running PMDG for a few months without any Problems Please assist ,advise I can't use FSX at all due to this fault ?? Thanks in advance for you help **e-mail address removed**
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