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  1. Pete - Thank-You! So far, after several variations of set-ups (profiles) all seems to be working as it did. You are prompt, professional and are a service provider to the community.

  2. That seems to have fixed it..will continue to test and set things up the way I had before - see attached. FSUIPC5.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.log
  3. where do we get the update 5.101 from ?

    1. 72VirginExpress


      figured it ot...duh - it's early for me and only 3 sips of coffee

  4. Hi Pete - My issue is similar to what Dawgfan posted earlier - Such that FSUIPC recognizes the Throttle but not the stick. I can map assignment (throttle set) to the throttle (which I have as locked together - i.e. not dual throttles). I have tried to get the stick to register by changing hubs for the USB to no avail. I have rebooted...nada. I ensured no previous version of FSUIPC4 were existing - since I have wiped P3dv3 off - and all worked well there. The following is from the modules folder: FSUIPC5 Key is provided WIDEFS7 not user registered, or expired 0 Sy
  5. OK Thanks Pete... Seems like there is a lot of confusing places to go for information - not just related to your products but many others as well - Glad you cleared this up for me. I have left it installed and await an opportunity to purchase a key to activate.
  6. I had no idea that there was an illegal beta - That sir is not how I roll - How I roll is this --> I'll post the link where I got it. So you can pursue.... http://www.theskylounge.tv/topic/5480-fsuipc-5-beta-now-available/ http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC5.zip And I will uninstall what I have.
  7. OK so I'm confused... not hard really I suppose given all the changes afoot. I d/l the beta-version of FSPUIC-5 and it works, in terms of being recognized in sim. What I can't figure out is how to purchase/register - is this not yet available? Thus, my second part of confusion - if it is not a registered version - how can I go about assigning keys/buttons and axis?
  8. I'm always happy to pay for the tools/apps and planes etc. that dedicated, and far more talented people than I create...pretty sure I single-handedly convinced a certain Italian plane developer to make products payware....Thanks for your efforts Pete - happy to pay the price - hopefully it will be similar in nature to previous.
  9. Pete - as a registered user, I want to extend my thanks to you for your service and products to the Flight Sim community. Given that you just got off holidays I hope you are refreshed and are pounding the coding keys necessary for FSUIPC 5 - It is simply a must have... I wish LM had worked with you from the outset to ensure this was a part of the roll out. Anyhow...I'll not waste anymore of your time but to extend my thanks again...
  10. Pete - I left you a message with some .ini results - cannot get FSUIP to read throttle for Saitek X55 pro. works in P3D - latest version of everything inc.registered FSUIPC.

  11. After much trial and error - I believe I have resolved the issue from a number of fronts - not sure exactly which completed the process - since the last two occurred simultaneously. I read on numerous forums that the drivers are at at least some level responsible - google it..... So I proceeded to delete all traces of Saitek and Mad Catz from my computer...including registry hotkeys I downloaded a program called JoyID and changed the USB porting for the two inputs and immediately afterwards I could see the throttle component in devices and printers. I did not use Saitek drivers.....Gener
  12. As an addendum - I tried to untick use controllers on a reboot and go to FSUIPC immediately - and start logging.... Absolutely no recognition that the controllers are inputting any signals......i./e no movement on axes..... ********* FSUIPC4, Version 4.949h by Pete Dowson ********* Prepar3D.exe version = Reading options from "E:\Prepar3d Installation\Modules\FSUIPC4.ini" Running inside Prepar3D v3 on Windows 8.0 Module base=1C670000 User Name=XXXXXXXXXXX User Addr=XXXXXXXXXXXX FSUIPC4 Key is provided WIDEFS7 not user registered, or expired 1047 System time = 31/03/2
  13. All, I have not much experience here with FSUIPC troubleshooting. I will provide particulars and a .Log file and hope someone can tell me what is going on. Up until March 28th, 2016 FSUIPC was working fine. I d/l the beta version of VRS Superbug and TacPac and as a registered/licensed user installed it. So far no problems. March 29th, loaded up P3Dv3 - housed on seperate drive E:\ for the sake of clarification.... tried to fly - controls for Saitek X55 - Rhino - Hotas were iffy.....went in to FSUIPC to calibrate and check previously set buttons and swithces - and throttle would not regi
  14. Not sure if this is right place to deal with this issue and there are a couple of caveats with respect to things I need to test out (not at home, as I write this) Iast night I had to rewrite the Prepar3d.cfg in order for 2.5 to not seek out a default flight that saved improperly. On restart, I noted that my Rhino was not callibrating per FCUIPC right...I thought about it and though perhaps P3D had reverted to recognizing controls and thus unchecked the boax, went and reset all surface controls again.Trouble is when accelerating throttle quadrant, my right rear elevator on all planes (spe
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