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  1. Hi Sean, Sorry its taken me so long to reply. I would very much like to take you up on your offer. My RTOS computer(s) will most likely be running a type of linux so there will definetly be TCP/UDP support on them. My situation has changed slightly and I'm probably not going to be able to get to defining the requirements for at least one month. If your offer to help is still on the table then please let me know and I'll be in touch when I'm able to work on this project again. Thanks! Cary
  2. Hi Pete, I'm going to send this same message to your email address as well. My appologies for the duplication but I want to be sure that you get this. Thank you for your reply to my forum message regarding the real time system's research I plan on doing. I can see from all the posts and the fact that you have personally created FSUIPC and WIDEFS that you definetly know what you are talking about. I have created a RTOS which currently runs on its own (not on windows or linux... but it is an OS by itself.) It would be must easier for me to make my RTOS work on linux than on windows because I can edit the kernel etc. If I use FSUIPC and WIDEFS on the PC side to extact data from my copy of FS and to send it out on the network I still have a problem with how to deal with this data on the other side. Do you know of a linux client version of your WIDEFS? I'd like to make my remote computer as simple as possible and I'd prefer to recieve the WIDEFS packets into my own app or through a linux WIDEFS client (running WINE for example isn't an option for me) I'll then send other WIDEFS packets back to the FS computer with my flight controls etc. Also would you know of other sample code, other addons, utilities etc that may help me do all this? I'm trying to minimize the development time for all the Flight Sim work I need to do because my research is with the RTOS. I can not seem to find online older versions of FSUIPC etc. I am considering doing all this work using Flight sim 98 on a computer running win 98 because I don't have the budget to buy a fast computer to run fs2002 or fs2004. I understand that you have now made FSUIPC and WIDEFS payware and if I commit to doing this project I will pay for them but if I use FS98 on an older computer to save money, would you be willing to send me one of your older versions of FSUIPC and WIDEFS and the SDK's that is not payware? Finally, I've noticed that MS is offering something called netpipes on the FS2002 SDK. Although it is questionable to me if it offers the same features as FSUIPC. Do you know if I may find it easier to use netpipes over your FSUIPC? Do netpipes allow me to send data and receive data at the same time into on copy of FS? To sum up my questions: 1) is there a WIDEFS linux client? or an SDK that would make it easy to send and recieve WIDEFS packets on a linux system? 2) do you have or know of any sample code, addons, further documentation or utilities that I can use to further save me time on developing things to work with FS? 3) is it possible to get an older version of your FSUIPC and WIDEFS (before it became payware) since I will be developing all this on a FS98 and win98 computer? 4) What do you know about MS's netpipes SDK for FS 2002. Thanks for all your help! Cary Feldstein Graduate Student Univeristy of Victoria cfeld@uvic.ca
  3. Hi Everyone, I wanted to ask this question to all you experienced FSUIPC developers before I get too far into my project to get your opinions and thoughts. I've been a huge flight simulator user for years but I've never developed anything for it. Now it seems like I may be able to combine my hobby with some of my research. I am a graduate student in computer science and the university of victoria. I am currently studying real time systems and for my final project I would like to do something pretty cool using Flight Simulator and FSUIPC. What I need to do is to take the RTOS (real time operating system) I've created for my course and put it into an applicaiton. I'd like to get my RTOS to be a flight controller for a simulated plane in flight simulator. What I'm wanting to do is to run an older version of flight sim (98 or 2000, could use 2002 or 04 if anyone thinks its easier to develop for) and using FSUIPC to take some data from flight sim (such as aircraft orientation, airspeed, altitude etc), transmit it over TCP/IP to another computer (the one containing my RTOS) The different values read from flight sim would be like data from real sensors on a real aircraft. My RTOS will then act like a flight controller and decide which flight surfaces need movement (ie to keep level flight or do a turn etc.) and my RTOS will send those commands back to the FS computer via TCP/IP and FSUIPC will send those commends into flight sim to controll the aircraft. So my big question is..... does this sound do-able? I'll take care of the RTOS computer side of things... but is it reasonably easy to get the data i'm looking for out of flight sim and then send it off to another networked computer, then get control movements back and send them to flight sim? Also if any of you know of utilities/sample code etc that may help me with this task, i'd appreciate your suggestions (as I'd prefer not to write a program to collect and send off the data to other network computers) Thanks a lot for your time and I look forward to your replies. I can be emailed at cfeld@uvic.ca Cary
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