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  1. Hi Pete, Okay! I'll talk to Oleksiy and see if we can sort it out. Thanks for the great module and wise responses. :) Kris
  2. Hi Pete, Thanks for the reply. :) These condition levers are on the propeller axis, 3 and 4. They can be controlled through FSUIPC for the entire range, but what I'm really asking is how to set it up properly. It seems you have a Feather, Min and Max, which are three positions, but I require four, as per my post above. Perhaps this clears it up a little? Again, thank you very much, Kris
  3. Hi Peter, I'm running Oleksiy Frolov's Dash-8 (his callsign being Fanda), and have a question concerning the condition levers and FSUIPC. On Oly's plane, he has what are called Condition Levers - they control the fuel and prop condition on the same lever. I have a CH USB Yoke (the three lever one), and I'd like to have these two condition levers on my 'prop' and 'mixture' levers on the yoke. I understand this is easy to do with a default airplane, but I run into problems when trying to set it up with this one. As said, the positions are Fuel Off (position 1), Start/Feather (position 2), Minimum (position 3, and the props are unfeather in this position), and finally Maximum (position 4, also unfeathered). Is this possible with the current FSUIPC, or will we need some custom programming to make this to work? Sorry for the messy posting - far too many condition and lever words in it. :) Thanks, Kris
  4. Daryl, I cannot speak for Mr. Dowson, but I am under the impression that FSUIPC is a sort of 'shareware'. You can use version 3.x for free, but you are very limited compared to the registered version. Hope this helps. Kris
  5. Peter, Problem solved. Turning off FF eliminated the oscillations. I'm not sure why it would do this but it is definatly something needed to be looked at. Thanks again, Kris
  6. Peter, I have been using Oleksiy's Dash-8 since version 1.0 and FSUIPC before I can even remember and it is now causing me problems. I have the latest versions of each program (D-8, 1.004B, and FSUIPC 3.11, registered) and I am receiving oscillation (±500fpm) with my Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro 2 with AP engaged. I highly doubt this is an airplane problem rather FSUIPC related. In the Dash-8 forum they have had Precision Pro 2 Force Feedback joysticks doing this and when they turn FF off, it solved the problem. Any ideas from your end? I’ll look in FS9.cfg and see if I have FF turned on (I don’t own a FF joystick but it’s worth a try). Sincerely, Kris Reaville (dash8311)
  7. Hi Peter, he he...yep...that's what I meant. 3.10 fixes the problem. Thanks, Kris
  8. Hi Peter, I'm an avid user of Oleksiy Frolov's Dash-8 (FS2002) and I also registered FSUIPC. I'm running 3.8 and am having trouble with my autopilot. This is not an aircraft related problem, as I have put 3.4 in (a random backup I did) and used that and it works fine. What it does is when I activate my AP, the trim goes from max nose down, to max nose up, and goes back and forth very quickly and doesn't stop until you disengauge it. Any ideas? Thanks for your time, Kris Reaville
  9. Hi, I use TS with my gaming 'clan', if you will, and also with FS quite well. First you have to go into FSUIPC and set up a joystick button as your transmit. I use Num-0 (Ins). So I'd assign a my trigger button so when I click it, it will be like pressing Num-0. Then go to TS. Assign your transmit button to Num-0. That should work for you. No need to go direct like what you are suggesting. Thanks, Kris Reaville
  10. First, yes, you will get an e-mail. Second, asking like this, with the whole 15 question marks and capitals, is not the way to ask. Patience is a Virtue
  11. Ah ha! I found the problem! I fly RC airplanes, and naturally, have an RC simulator. It has it's own controller and when that is connected it has the FS trims on an axis for some reason. The center for the RC controller just happens to be full down trim. Thanks again, Kris
  12. Uninstalled & deleted FS9 completly (including my Application Data FS9) Installed new Detenator Drivers for NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti200 vid card Installed DX9b Restarted Installed FS9 Installed FSUIPC Works great! Set a restore point! ...weird... Also another problem I have is when I load any airplane the trim bottom's out (nose down) completly. I can't adjust it or do anything to change it. I've had the problem before but it just went away so I never worried about it. Any ideas on that? I know it isn't a FSUIPC related problem, at least I hope not, but you may know. Thanks, Kris[/url]
  13. I have DX9.0a, which I'm updating in about 30 seconds to 9b. This is also in the Display tab window: 'The file nv4_disp.dll is not digitally signed, which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). You may be able to get a WHQL logo'd driver from the hardware manufacturer.' I'll update my video drivers as well before deleting FS9 (takes too long to install, lol) Thanks again, Kris
  14. Hi Peter, I turned off Render to Texture and it doesn't help. I removed all FSUIPC related files and it still does it. Also I set all video settings to 'Minimal' and tried that; still nothing. I'm going to uninstall and then delete all directories pertaining to FS9 and start from scratch. I'll remember to keep my registration details from the *.reg file. Thanks for your help! Kris Reaville (dash8311)
  15. Hi Peter, Doesn't seem to make a difference if panel move is on or off, although when I move the panel in my Oleksiy Frolov Dash-8 it doesn't crash. In default aircraft it crashes to the desktop...hmm... Thanks, Kris
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