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  1. Hello Paul, There is an other dll (JLFMGS.dll), when I add this as a reference to the solution, I can see in object browser (JLFMGS.dll) FUNCTION_ACP1_INT_RAD_SEL_RAD Do you think is it possible to read the status of this (if it is 1 when pressed and 0 when released ? ) thank you Okan JLFMGS.dll
  2. Helo Paul, It worked when I run the SKALARKI profiler app in SDK mode. ( I have to select prosim as an aircraft) then with the small app running (for FSUIPC connected, Hardware connected) I can send F12 to P3D. when I physically press down the RAD on the physical skalarki ACP1 panel 🙂 this is soo cool. However I think SKALARKI SDK does not allow to use the SDK mode and JEEHELL at the same time so it is useless for me I guess, I am digging further what can be done. Thanks for all your support Okan
  3. Hello Paul , Correction, with skalarki example code I can see my RAD switch as I press and release. so I think we are getting somewhere.. slowly but safely Thanks Okan
  4. Hello Paul, When I run the sample code from Skalarki, I only get to press ENTER's, nothing happens on the hardware side (no leds turn on or off, no switches are recognized etc.) Thanks Okan
  5. Hello Paul, I changed the port number in eventClient = new EventClient(localIP, 25253, (e, s) => { OnHardwareEvent(e, s); }, null); Now I can see FSUIPC is connected, Skalarki Hardware is connected (both Green) However, when I physicaly press the RAD button on my ACP panel, the F12 is not being sent to P3D. Any suggestions ? Thanks Okan
  6. Dear Paul, Thank you for the solution. I have already studied the documentation on your website and watched the videos, so compiling the solution ran without any issues. I can see P3D connected in green, however I couldn't get hardware connected (it remained red). I will try some other options to try to get the hardware connected. (How do you read if the hardware is connected or not ?) Best Regards from Istanbul Okan Sacli
  7. Dear Paul, Thanks for taking the time and your support. I look forward to your solution. Best Regards Okan
  8. Dear All, I would like to read the status of the Audio Control Panel ACP RAD Key pressed via Skalarki's SDK toolset ( I have attached the support file showing all available items) I can in the list that ACP1 files there is INTRAD field available, which can be coded in C# via (to read the status I assume, since it is readonly?) public static readonly IEventDescriptor INTRAD What I am trying to achieve is that if the RAD switch is pressed (it is not a latching type), I should send the key F12 to simulator via WideFS. (which will then trigger my vatsim client vpilot) Since I know almost nothing about c#, I will realy appreciate if someone could guide me, even write a small exe file to achieve this. the SDK folder of skalarki has many dll's within listed as follows; your support will be highly appreciated on this Kindest Regards from Istanbul Okan Sacli www.okansacli.com Documentation.chm
  9. Thank you sir. Will keep an eye on the download links. Regards from Istanbul Okan
  10. Hi Pete Exact same code. But it seems to keep the version as 12. Please find attached the liar.log file. Regards Okan S. liar.rar
  11. Dear Pete, is the above liar.lua still applicable for FSUIPC5 (p3dV4) to set version as 8 ? Regards from Istanbul Okan Sacli
  12. Dear Pete, I have been struggling with the same. Could you please kindly let me know how I should modify the liar.lua in order to tell FS communicator that I am running FSX (8) although i am running prepar3d. I assume it will be a simple 3 lines of code ; 1 - read version (0x3308) 2- set version = 8 3 - write to 0x0024 the new version Best regards from Istanbul Okan Sacli
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