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  1. Thank you to Michael and Mr. Volker, great help. Marbasan.
  2. Hello, please can you help me to find out how to install the FSC9Setup.exe file as an administrator. After downloading fsc95.zip (demo) and unzipping the FSC95 file when I click on with FSC9Setup.exe with either mouse bottoms I don´t get to see anything that says Run as an Administrator. TY!!!!! For your help. Marbasan
  3. FSUIPC will need replacing on all user systems! Ok, but can Mr. Peter Dowson publish instructions as to what do we have to do to replace it? TY!!!
  4. Hi, VOLKER, Problem solved!!!! It worked beautifully and it was user´s error (my error). Much grateful for the invested time, professionalism, and interest shown in solving the problem. TY!!!!! MARBASAN. Findings and fixes as follow: A glimpse of me in the LOG file of the Database Manager and the problem was visible. The settings you made in the library are wrong. See here the incorrect entry in your scenery.cfg. : [Area.160] Title=SEQM2013.1.1 Local=Addon Scenery\SEQM2013.1.1\SCENERY Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=160 In this case, notify the DBM following error message: No folder or BGL file exist for Layer: 160 C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\MICROSOFT GAMES\MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR X\ADDON SCENERY\SEQM2013.1.1\SCENERY\scenery\ Compare my settings in the SCENERYCFG with your settings. [Area.141] Title=SEQM2013.1.2.3 Local=Addon Scenery\SEQM2013.1.2.3 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=132 In my settings, the Database Manager will find immediately the SEQM airport. 00001 , 0132 , SEQM - New Mariscal Sucre F:\FSX\ADDON SCENERY\SEQM2013.1.2.3\scenery\AF2_SEQM.bgl What can you do now? There are only the following solution: Run your FSX. Go to SETTINGS. Choose Scenery Library. Choose Scenery area SEQM2013.1.2.3. Choose Button Delete Area. Click OK. Click Yes. Click OK. The database is rebuild. Select Scenery Library. Click button Add area. Double click Folder Addon Scenery. Click SEQM2013.1.2.3. Click OK button. Click OK button. The database is rebuild. Finish the FSX. Run the Database Manager again.
  5. Hi Volker, 1. I have my PC connected to a local Lan/d-link with other two computers installed by the TV Internet provider. I am not technically savvy and this is way over my head. 2. FSC is installed in: C:\Aerosoft\FSC9 3. The programs was installed by right-clicking and selecting "install or run as administrator. 4. I have four separated partitions installed in my computer (someone else did it for me). The instructions call for “installing FSC under any drive/partition other than C: In C: I have W7. FSX In F: I have WXP. FS9 In D: I have W7 In E: I have W7 I am confused, if I install FSC in any other partition there will be no communication between partitions because only one partition work at a time. 5. “Suppress extension of known file” Done. 6. I don’t remember if when I installed FSX I Did it for “for all users”. But I will not reinstall FSX because that means to start from Cero and reload all softwares UFFF…….. What do you suggest? I must say that it is very complicated to install FSC correctly. Thank you for your help. MARBASAN.
  6. Hi !!!!! Volker I am running: Intel Core i7-950 Bloomfield 3.06GHz LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core. Processor MSI X58M LGA 1366 Intel X58 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard. OCZ DDR3 6 GB memorias. Nvidea GeForce GXT 680 2GB. Four (4) monitors and one notebook. Window 7 (64bt), FSX, DX11, FSUIPC4, Squakbox, IvAp v2, Commander9.2.1.(Aerosoft), NavDataPro 1302, Active sky, Xtreme. Keypad with key assignments. I will appreciate any help that you could provide. MARBASAN.
  7. There is a new airport built in the city of Quito, Ecuador, South America SEQM that replaces de old one SEQU. It seems FS Commander9 is missing to provide this new information. FS Navigator has it but without Sids and Stars, iFly 737 and Level D 763 has it. I haven´t had the time to check other databases. Premises: I have installed the new airport from http://freewarescenery.com/ I also have installed NavDataPro 1302. I also ran FSC9 Database Manager. The AFCAD containing all necessary airport information is missing. I reviewed all AFCAD and they have all required info: rwy, terminals, ILS, lights, etc. This is not the problem. FSC reads all airport information according to the scenery.cfg. But if a developer installs his scenery into the directory ".\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery", which is against all rules, it also can not be found. Have seen this for example with some African sceneries. I desagree, as I understand Freeware and some Payware sceneries are installed in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator X\Scenery. Why is this against the rules only for FSC? If this is the case there is something wrong with FSC. Only some sceneries seem to get installed in the directory indicated by FSC. This is not the problem. I also patiently reviewed SCENARY: CFG and corrected all that could be giving problems. This is not the problem. Why FSC has this problem and FSNAV has not????? Buy the way, I also reviewed all of my installed Add-ons and founded some airports that were not recognize by FSC. They were mostly small airports that I installed for VFR flights. Thank you for your interest!!!
  8. ANDREAS, thank you for your promt answer. MARBASAN
  9. I have FSCommander 9.2 installed. What do I have to do after installing new airport sceneries? I don´t understand the meaning of: “update the relevant FSCommander files”. Which files? I understand I have to run the Data Base Manager again. I assume this means to run the NavDataPro or any of the other available in the marked. Why do I have to do this? This will force me to use up one dataset download every time I load new Airport scenery. Insane!!!! I only purchased 4 database downloads per year from Aerosoft. Please help me to clear up this issue. TY!!!!!! MARBASAN.
  10. I have a registered copy FSUIPC 3.98ª. Can I get a discount (in USA) to update to Version 4XXX? Where? TY!!!!! Marbasan
  11. Marbasan

    My set up

    I am running: Intel Core i7-950 Bloomfield 3.06GHz LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core. Processor MSI X58M LGA 1366 Intel X58 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard. OCZ DDR3 6 GB memorias. Nvidea GeForce GXT 680 2GB. Four (4) monitors and one notebook. Window 7 (64bt), FSX, DX11, FSUIPC4, Squakbox, Commander9. Keypad with key assignments.
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