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  1. Dear Buckhard, thank you for your terrific support and all is well now. I have downloaded the files for which I thank you. You are right, I did upgrade from fs2002 and agree it maybe time for me to upgrade completely. Odd though that I found some of the textures in my fs9 back up files but not others, seems to be a copying problem!! Thank you again for your time and support which is excellent as usual. Yours John
  2. I have now found backup copies of the textures for A10, AN124 and C5 Galaxy. So no need for those again Buckhard. That leaves IL62, Falcon 100, VF600W and C172. Can you help?? John
  3. Thank you for the YAK40 textures and all is well now. However, Buckhard I have gone through all of MYTFC aircraft and find to my horror that the following aircraft textures are also missing. A10, AN124, C172, C5 Galaxy, IL62, Falcon 100 and VF600W. I note your comments and agree with what you say about missing textures and software but this is ridiculous. Indeed I save as backup fs9 regularly and note that they are also missing in the backup`s so, I suspect they may not have been there in the first place for some odd reason. Can you assist in resolving this please???? Yours John :oops:
  4. Hi, I now find I have the same problem that I had with the Dash8-100 aircraft in that I am missing the textures for the Yak40 aircraft. Is it possible for me to download these textures as you did for me with the Dash8-100. Cant understand where all these textures have gone to!! Sorry to be of bother once again Buckhard. Thanks John :oops:
  5. Dear Buckhard, (Sounds so formal!) Thank you very much for the complete Dash8-100 folder. All is now fine and all Dash A/C come out nicely. Your folder had far more in it than the one I had incidently!! Thats great and thankyou for your support once again. John Regards from England
  6. Thank you for responding. I updated My TFC from fs2002 to fs9, sometime ago and have just installed the latest patch 2.1. However, the problem with the Dash 8 aircraft has been there since I updated to fs9. This is the only aircraft with a problem, all others are fine. Hope you can assist Thanks again john
  7. It appears that all Dash 8-100 aircraft with My Tfc come out just grey. Can anyone please explain why this may be so and how I can resove this thank you John :roll:
  8. Husain, I have finally got it. Dont know why but it went through this time. thanks for your assistance. John
  9. Still The same Husain. It seems to be to be a timer problem. It just cuts out after a couple of hours or thereabouts, exactly the same as for SP3. John
  10. I am sorry to say that I am having the same trouble as with SP3 in that it is impossible to download 2004. It is fine for around 40mb saved, then it clears down. There obviously remains a problem with the server in respect of the UK. I dont suppose that Kat or some other kind person can arrange for a new download server at all?? This really is strange since I have no trouble with any other large downloads. Would appreciate assist. John :evil:
  11. Soorry my previous about external option control was wrong. I in fact refer to the `no re-positioning on GPS plan load. Since installing Version 3 this no longer works although the file INI say `yes`. Do I need to register to get this option to work in FS2002??? Thanks for any response John
  12. I have downloaded the non-registered Version of FSUIPC 3 but note that the `external option control` i.e to stop positioning the ac on the runway does not work. Is This correct and do I require to register to get this option?? I would appreciate any response please. Yours John
  13. Hi Team, (MY TFC AFD) May I ask a question - Having downloaded SP3 I notice that many of the bgl`s in scnbase are now shown twice, the original BGL passive and a new one. Do I need to dispense with the old and use ony the new BGL. In other words do I need to redo all the passive`s once again. Incidently, what is the MT TFC USER under SCnbase for. Do I need to change anything here? Sorry to be of bother again, Yours, John
  14. I Would just like to thank Kat and the My TFC team for their valued assistance in enabling me to eventually download SP3 from Kat provider. Clearly the original server had some sort of problem for me since Kat`s worked perfectly. I`ve got it at last!! The help is a true example of the spirit of fltsimmer`s in helping each other out and I am most grateful. Thanks to Kat especially, Yours John (The Jumbo Man) :lol:
  15. Sorry I`m not with you, the same thing is still occuring. Can you supply an alternative please??? It must be the server, why always in the same place?? Hope you can do something John
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