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  1. @youngGun821 Maybe the error you get of because of this line Local="D:\Games\My TrafficFSX\MyTraffic\Aircraft" should be this Local="D:\Games\My TrafficFSX\MyTraffic\scenery" I doubt there is a scenery directory under the aircraft folder - nor are there the additional scenery-bgls and the traffic-bgls Kind regards Christian
  2. Just to be sure... You are sure you disabled the files correctly? The new Windows-Versions (since Vista I think) don't show the full filename by default. So if you only see "BR2_EDDF" with filetype "bgl" (which is BR2_EDDL.bgl in full view) in your Explorer The simple renaming to "BR2_EDDL.bgl.passive" with filetype "bgl" won't fulfill your needs as in full view it would be "BR2_EDDL.bgl.passive.bgl" and therefore it would still be recognised as a part of a senery. So please make sure that file-extensions are shown in Windows when you rename files manually. I'm just saying this because in the past often users in other forums had difficulties in renaming files correctly.
  3. Hi tesza please check if you have a quite big file in your F:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Scenery - Directory Should be around 125MB and is called "Mytrafficcommercial.bgl" (or something like that - I'm not at my home-pc at the moment) and there should also be two others ("Mytrafficglobal.bgl" and "Mytrafficmil.bgl" - I think) Also check if the following file is set to passive: "trafficAircraft.bgl" (should be "trafficAircraft.bgl.passive") in F:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\scenery\world\scenery\ If all this is ok there must be other things that your traffic does not show up (mabe old traffic-bgls from another addon). You are sure you edited the right fsx.cfg file and the right scenery.cfg (there sometimes are more than one!)??? The right fsx.cfg is in here: C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX The right scenery.cfg is in here: C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\FSX All the so far given information are also in the new "MyTraffic 6 Installation Guide.pdf"... ;-) Regards
  4. Hi tesza Guess this is not what burkhard advised. The entry in the scenery.cfg has to be: Local=F:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic The entries in the fsx.cfg must be changed as follows: Delete the SimObjectPaths.6 line and change the SimObjectPaths.7="F:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft" to SimObjectPaths.6=F:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft This should solve your problems if all the rest is setup correctly. Kind regards Christian
  5. Sorry can't say more as I don't use MT-Interactive. If you have the trafficdatabasebuilder just copy it to the mytraffic directory. Does not harm if it is there. From the "normal" mytraffic installation there should be 3 mytraffic traffic.bgls in the mytraffic\scenery directory. One of them should have around 125Mb.
  6. Hi There are two SimObjectPaths.6-entrys in your fsx.cfg. Think the second one (not related to MyTraffic) has to be deleted.
  7. Hi As MyTraffic refers to FSX stock airports there might be incompatibilities with Addon airports. Go to your MyTraffic\scenery directory and change the file extension from ".bgl" to ".off" at all airports you have problems with. So BR2_KDEN.bgl will become BR2_KDEN.off Maybe there is more than one file for an airport. Make sure to disable all. After that the problem should be gone. Kind regards Christian
  8. In your scenery.cfg The mytraffic entry [Area109] guides to the wrong directory. Should be: Local=G:\MTX6\MyTraffic. Also the SimObjectPaths-entry in your prepar3d.cfg is wrong. Should be: SimObjectPaths.7=G:\MTX6\MyTraffic\Aircraft Kind regards Christian Edit: Sorry didn´t know about the simobjects.cfg as I only own FSX and thought the configuration files are same ones ;-)
  9. Hi Tom. You cannot disable the installation of the new airports in a classic way. Which should say they are all installed automatically. As MT6 should be blow your Addons in the scenery libary there normally should be no problem. But as MT6 is bgl-based you are able to disable these airports manually by changing file-extensions from ".bgl" to ".off" if there is a problem. Kind regards Christian
  10. Hi Tom. I have installed MT6 and I have traffic at OTHH. You don't have to do anything except following the installation instructions.
  11. Hallo also ich habs jetzt ausprobiert, und irgendwie hat es nicht hingehauen. Hatte zwar Traffic - von daher scheint das compilieren ja geklappt zu haben, aber eben kein Traffic auf OTHH UND OTBD. Ich warte jetzt bis MyTraffic dann mal angepasst wird. Solange neheme ich halt sie alten Traffic bgls. so I tried the thing you suggested but somehow it didn´t work. I had traffic elsewhere - so compiling must habe been ok - but not at OTHH and OTBD. Therefore I now wait mytraffic to be addapted to the new airport. As long as I´ll be waiting I take my old traffic bgls. Gruß/ kind regards Christian
  12. Just to be clear: The changes in the MyComercialRoutes.dat file must be done nevertheless??
  13. Thanks for your instructions. Will give it a try tomorrow evening as I am quite busy today.
  14. Hi Burkhard. I gave it a try and replaced OTBD by OTHH in the MyComercialRoutes.dat file (2013Plans) and after that I selecteted the schedule in the communicator to force a rebuild of the traffic-bgls. But I fact I then had still no traffic at OTHH and also no more traffic at OTBD. Is this really the only file we have to change? In fact I think everyone would be very very very happy I you could somehow manage to make the new airport work with mytraffic. Kind regards Christian P.S.: I think we will have the same problem in future when AS releases its new Johannesburg scenery. There the airport code changed too i think
  15. Hallo Volker Also da es ja kein wirklich schwerwiegendes Problem ist, kann ich mit der Antwort irgendwie leben. Bisher war es nur immer so, dass der eingestellte Flightlevel auch immer genauso im FSX-Flugplan übernommen wurde. Aber kann natürlich sein, dass das heute ganz besondere Umstände waren bei meinen Flügen. Ist ja auch in sofern nicht schlimm, da man den Flugplan ja im FSX notweise nochmal mit der richtigen Flughöhe speichern kann. Oder ich starte demnächst den FSC halt immer neu. Kannst das Topic wenn du magst schließen. Gruß Christian
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