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  1. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Support

    Hello Eric, please confirm you have installed: MS Windows 7 .NET framework 4.0 Also have you tried running the application 'As administrator'? Also make sure you input your TOW in xxxxxx format, like: 208800
  2. Please try to copy this DLL in the main exe directory-should work now. http://www.mediafire.com/download/0nl5pi7gkqkeutu/FS9Effect_v113.rar
  3. Please post all of your queries regarding FS9 Ground Effect here:
  4. nixdevelopment

    FS9 2D Wiper (Wilco PIC 737) - Support

    Before posting any application crash issues please make sure you have .Net 4.0 framework installed first. You can check your installed framework by following this link: http://www.apesoftware.com/articles/check-for-dotnet.aspx
  5. Please post your queries here:
  6. You are completely right, TOPER Calculator was intended for advanced Boeing 737-800 simulations like the PMDG one and will most likely not help you in flying the low-quality counterparts. Nikola
  7. Dear customers, please download the version 1.12 by following this link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/gb539f955ogtbty/FS9Effect_v112.rar Un-rar the EXE file into the main installation folder. I hope this clears the issue. Please provide me with feedback. Kindest regards, Nikola
  8. Dear customers, I am on leave until the 30th of Aug and will not be able to access the source files untll then. Both 'FS9 Ground Effect' and 'FS9 Pushback' were created using the same platform. Now latter has no compatibility issues what so ever, which indicates that something past my attention in the ground effect project. I appologize again for any inconvenience caused. Nikola
  9. At this moment, I am unable to pinpoint the problem as it keeps occurring on other Windows versions as well. I will re-write the program in hope that this bug goes away. Please allow me couple of days to finish this. If you are not willing to wait, please ask simmarket for a refund. I do apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.
  10. Thank you very much for the info provided. I suspect that the issue has something to do with Windows7 language version as I can see both of you have non-English versions (Italian and German). Please allow some time to look into this. In the meanwhile I will be uploading another debugging version. Thank you.
  11. I will look into it again. Can you also please send me the screenshot of the folder contents where the EXE file is located? Have you also tried running it 'As administrator'? Thanx
  12. Please download the DEBUG version of the program from here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/i2428i24e0sb8td/FS9GroundEffectEmul(DEBUG01).rar Decompress the EXE file in the folder where FS9 Ground Effect was installed overwriting the original file. Please try to run this DEBUG version and let me know if you have any success. Note: this version is only for debugging purposes, it does not have any of the options of the original version.
  13. Thank you for the info. I will look up what the problem is as soon possible. Thank you for your patience
  14. Dear customer, As I am currently away on business trip I will look into your problem once I return-around 26th of this month. Please send me a screen shot with the error message. You might want to try running the app 'As administrator', perhaps there is a issue with user rights. Regards, Nikola
  15. nixdevelopment

    FS9 PushBack Utility - Support

    Dear user, Please send me the actual text database file you have created via e-mail. You will find my address on the main page of FS9 utility on simmarket. If your airport is not fs default, you may give it any name you desire. Try naming it after the author or the version number. For example: if the airport you have installed is a free version of EDDN, you might call it "EDDN Free" or "Nuremberg Free".... This name is only for your reference and other users (provided you wish to share the database with others).
  16. All FS9 Pusback Utility Program Updates can be downloaded from here: FS9 Pushback Utility 1.1: Added manual push option Automatically minimze to sytem tray Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/psoumekzoc7wl8k/fs9pbu_11.exe FS9 Pushback Utility m1.0.5: Manual revision (1.0.5)Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?axc71n4fm9mdh43 _________________________________________________ FS9 Pushback Utility m1.0.4: Manual revision (1.0.4)Download: http://www.mediafire...2fdno4ea36kuc38
  17. nixdevelopment

    FS9 PushBack Utility - Suggestions

    If it is possible I would be sure to consider it. So far I don't own X-Plane but I will look into this possibility.
  18. Please post your suggestions and comments here
  19. nixdevelopment

    FS9 PushBack Utility - Suggestions

    Dear member, you can see the program in action on this clip: Regards, Nikola
  20. nixdevelopment

    Registering product - TOPER Tool

    Dear customers, a new updated version 1.2.1 has the internet verification removed. Please go to the Updates section of the forum to download the new patch which solves your problem. Thank you
  21. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool Support

    Have you managed to register yet? The server is back online.
  22. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool Support

    Dear Ariel, the server I am using for registration is currently down. Please be patient while I solve the problem. Thank you.
  23. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool - Imperial Weights

    Sorry it was a typo which is now corrected. :mrgreen:
  24. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool - Imperial Weights

    The new updated version 1.2 can be downloaded from the updates section of the forum. 50 deg max assumed temperature continues to be the upper limit - TOPCAT goes higher

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