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  1. Dear Kris, please go to the TOPER 737CL Updates section and download the newest version. Serial that I have provided you with should work just fine. Kind regards,
  2. Dear Kris, I've just replied via private message. Please let me know if you have managed to register your copy. Kind regards,
  3. Dear Cris, unfortunately I did not get the serial number in the message you have submitted via contact form. Please send me one either here via private message or via my support e-mail found on simmarket page. Kind regards,
  4. Thank you Kris, I will have a fix for you latter this evening.
  5. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Web - Support

    Could you please send me the e-mail you have used to register as a private message?
  6. Dear Kris, please send me your full serial number on my support e-mail, so I can fix the issue. Sorry for the late reply. Kind regards,
  7. Dear Kris, I am so sorry to hear this. I will have a look into it and send you a fix ASAP.
  8. nixdevelopment

    CFM56-3C1 23,5 lbs thrust

    Hello, TOPER 737 Classics uses 24 thrust rating only for 737-400 type.
  9. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Web - Support

    Hello, could you please tell me what the issue is? Kind regards,
  10. nixdevelopment

    De-rate for the B737 Classic series

    No DE-RATE is supported for the Classics family of 737 at the moment. Kind regards,
  11. nixdevelopment

    Unable to register TOPER 777

    Server was down. Could you please try again once more?
  12. nixdevelopment

    Unable to register TOPER 767

    Dear customer, I apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please try using your serial with the last four digits changed as following: SimMrk-****-****-****-6812
  13. nixdevelopment

    767 Update Will Not Accept My Serial Key

    Dear Bob, I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused. There is a bug in the serial verification algorithm and some valid serials get rejected. Please be kind enough to send me your purchase ID so I can send you a working serial. Thank you and sorry once again. Kind regards,
  14. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Web - Support

    Hello, could you please post your purchase ID and the first 4 letters of the e-mail you have used to create a toper-web account. Kind regards,
  15. nixdevelopment

    Unable to set B777-300ER

    Dear Richard, thank you for your feedback. I will def. consider making the icon more visible. Kind regards,
  16. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 737NG) - Support

    Dear Pilic, please have a look at the thread here: Pirated serial keys
  17. Please post your queries here. NOTE: Before posting please make sure you have downloaded and installed all necessary updates.
  18. nixdevelopment

    Unable to set B777-300ER

    Dear Richard, sorry for the late reply. You can expand the selection menu by clicking on the ">>" icon located in the upper right corner of the main program window.
  19. nixdevelopment

    where are the updates

    Dear customer, please check out the 777 updates section. Kind regards,
  20. nixdevelopment

    Fixed derates

    Hello, no de-rates are planned in the near future.
  21. nixdevelopment

    registering TOPER 767

    Dear George, please try the following code, it should work: SimMrk-88**-****-****-7507
  22. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Web - Support

    Hope you had a good vacation. I didn't send the token yet. Please be kind enough to contact me over my support e-mail regarding this matter. Kind regards,
  23. nixdevelopment

    registering TOPER 767

    Dear George, I am really sorry for the delay. I will have your working serial later today. Again, my apologies for the inconvenience. Kind regards,
  24. nixdevelopment

    registering TOPER 767

    Hello George, sorry to hear you are having issues registering TOPER 767. It actually has a bug and some serials don't get validated even though they are legal. Could you please leave your purchase number here and I will send you a working serial ASAP. Kind regards,

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