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  1. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Web - Support

    I will send you a new complimentary subscription to compensate for any time lost. I did manage to use 777 without a problem.
  2. nixdevelopment

    Animated TOPER?

    Thank you Richard, Will keep it in consideration.
  3. Dear TOPER customers/users, after the new activation feature was added to TOPER products a lot of issues arose after using pirated/leaked serial keys. To save us all time and frustration please follow this procedure in order to rectify the problem: You have used a pirated key and that key was blocked You have decided to purchase a legal key, but now you can't change it since the pirated one was already installed on the same machine What to do? Please send me the following in a private message or on my support e-mail: Previously used pirated key and the location where you have obtained it from. If you can't provide me with the source of the pirated key, I can't be of any further assistance. Your purchase reference number. Kind regards,
  4. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Web - Support

    It looks like that servers are being attacked again. I am sorry about that, but until the threat is cleared these errors might occur. I will try and rectify the issue ASAP. Kind regards,
  5. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Web - Support

    Hello, sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with web based TOPER for 777. Is the issue still occurring and if it is, could you please send me a screenshot of the data you used just before the error appears. Kind regards,
  6. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Support

    Dear Xander, I can extend your activations if necessary, but you would need to submit a reason for it with the details of what happened. I can't offer you more than 1 activation per year. Hope you understand,
  7. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Support

    I've just replied.
  8. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Support

    Dear Daniel, you have tried registering your TOPER 777 with a leaked serial key. Then you have purchased the regular license, but the system is locked now. Please provide me with the following details on my support e-mail: entire pirated serial your purchase details Kind regards,
  9. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Support

    Dear xKoote, you should have 2 more activations left (there are 5 in tota).
  10. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Support

    Dear Xander, thank you for that. I will add an option to zoom the window in the next update. Regrds,
  11. Fixed. Please update to latest version and thank you kindly for reporting this bug. Kind regards,
  12. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Support

    Dear Daniel, I've fixed the V2 bug. Please update to latest version. Kind regards,
  13. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Support

    Could I please ask you for a screenshot so I can have better understanding of the issue? Thanks
  14. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Support

    Dear Daniel, thank you for posting this. This is an erroneous calculation indeed. Could you please try the same parameters but without any DE-RATE?
  15. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Tool (Boeing 777) - Support

    Hello Xander, are you having scaling issues even with the 3.3.12 installed? There are no more individual updates, but rather one cumulative containing all the previous changes.
  16. nixdevelopment

    Any chance for a 747 calculator?

    I will have a look at developing a 747 version. It all depends if I manage to get 747 performance data or not. I am guessing you are referring to -400 type.
  17. Sorry for the late reply. I will have a look at this erroneous Vr speed. I will also fix the update notification icon. One serial key is limited to 5 activations due to serial key misuse. Regards,
  18. nixdevelopment

    Toper 737ng

    Hello there, at the moment TOPER NG version only does calculations for assumed temperature method. Kind regards,
  19. nixdevelopment

    Unable to register, Token expired.

    Hello there, sorry to hear you are having issues. Could you please share your purchase number here. Thanx
  20. nixdevelopment


    Hello, no A32* is planned at the moment, but I am working on A380 calculator. Kind regards,
  21. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Web - Support

    Sorry again for the late reply. I've made a tool to convert AIRAC database for PSS to TOPER. Please visit the http://forum.simflight.com/topic/82847-toper-airac-generator-utility/ Update icon is a mistake and I will fix this too. Kind regards,
  22. nixdevelopment

    Registration error and update missing

    You can find them here: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/72510-toper-tool-boeing-737-800-updates/
  23. nixdevelopment

    TOPER Airac Generator Utility

    Hello, you can use the utility to convert latest Navigraph AIRAC (one for PSS) to make up to date TOPER AIRAC database, Regards,
  24. Generate AIRAC database for TOPER using Navigraph-PSS Download the utility (v1.0.0) Install PSS Navigraph to a temporary directory, or use existing PSS installation. Make sure that the utility (.exe) file is in the same folder as NavData directory, for example: C:\PSS\toper-db-updater.exe C:\PSS\NavData\... Two files will be generated: airports_10.dat and runways_10.dat . Please move these files to the main TOPER installation directory overwriting previous versions.
  25. nixdevelopment


    Hello, no 757 is planned at the moment due to lack of performance data available. This is the only reason. Kind regards,

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