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  1. Hello, currently I have no data for FLAPS1 takeoff. If in the future I do get it, I will make sure to update the 737CL to include this case. Kind regards,
  2. Hello, you can find more info here:
  3. Yes, if the AIRAC cycle still stays the same, this indicates failure of the DB generation. Please try the procedure again and let me know if the problem persists. Kind regards,
  4. Hello, do the instructions found on top of the page fail? If yes, please share which step in particular. Kind regards,
  5. Hello, please note that the CDU is calculating takeoff data for a full thrust takeoff. You can find more information in the manual. Kind regards,
  6. Please try adding an intersection in the INTX field. I believe this is what is causing the error to appear.
  7. Hello, the v-speeds are increased with the rise of the assumed temperature, that is probably the reason for the difference in speeds. When it comes to high sel. temp., you can try taking off at a shorter runway which has higher altitude. -300ER has huge engines with a lot of thrust
  8. Hello, yes I can implement this as an option.
  9. Hello, make sure you have updated to latest version.
  10. Hello, did you receive the activation e-mail when you registered your account? If not, please send me your e-mail address you have used to register and I will perform manual activation.
  11. Hello, could you please send me the screenshot of the folder/files?
  12. Hello, the site is back on-line. Could you please send me you purchase number as a PM, so I can generate the token for you? Kind regards,
  13. You can use the Navigraph data for PSS and the utility provided in the downloads section to update your AIRAC.
  14. Hello, I've updated the database files. The error should be gone now. Thank you for reporting it! Kind regards,
  15. Hello, would you be so kind as to include the screenshot of the error as well? I will have a look on my end also.
  16. It does in fact use both the field-limiting and the climb-limiting weight when performing max sel temp calculation.
  17. Dear Roman, sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please send me a PM with the e-mail you have used and I will be more than happy to perform manual activation. Kind regards,
  18. Hello, MTOW changes with the OAT and also assumed temperature.
  19. Hello, TOPER, currently does not take into account obstacles when performing calculations due to lack of reliable data for it. Kind regards, Nikola
  20. Dear Kieron, please note that all the refunds are handled by Simmarket. I am sorry to hear that you were not happy with the product. I hope to you like some of my future products. Please let me know if you need any further assistance. Kind regards, Nikola
  21. Dear Alje, unfortunately the only way to add intersections is through "TOPER 767". Please note, this is not a product advertisement, but it just happened that I implemented this feature only in this specific product so far. I am planning, however to make a universal utility that would perform this action. Kind regards, Nikola
  22. Hello, if the token expired that means you need to purchase another subscription. Kind regards,
  23. Dear Martin, please have a look at this thread:
  24. Hello, could you please send me as a private message the e-mail you have used to register?
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