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  1. I emailed the author at his email address on the site a few days ago but haven't heard back. It was a hotmail address so my guess is the project has gone inactive. :lol: Here's the info: 1. vMETAR.exe 2. vMETAR 3. Darren Vernon Again, the version I have was published back in February and there haven't been any updates done since. I'm not sure if the project was abandoned or if there is a major overhaul going on, but it looks like it was abandoned. Thanks, Matt
  2. Hey Pete, sorry to bug you for a code for the third time, but I finally got VMETAR to speak the way it's suppsoed to. But, I can't use it to fly because there's no code. The website is http://www10.brinkster.com/vmetar if you need more info. Thanks, Matt
  3. Pete, What about Gauges that were designed around FSUIPC? What is their code? Matt
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