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  1. Hi all, Yep I too had been having trouble with the 777 throttles snapping back to idle. Been searching the forums for a while with no luck until I read about the fix above in post 12. I tried it today and did three flights all without any problems, everything worked just as it's supposed too. Problem fixed, downloaded new liveries and installed in FSX added new livery to the 777 profile in the FSUIPC ini file and all still working perfectly. Thanks Peter for a great but simple fix.
  2. Hi all, Interesting thread about reverse thrust settings. I had my Saitek throttle quadrant set up with thrust levers for each engine and the lower "Button" part of the quadrant set for reverse thrust as you all suggested in the thread, however this method only gives you full reverse thrust doesn't it? In a real jet surely the reverser's are like the throttle, and increase with the amount of movement of the reverse lever. I tried to replicate this and set up two axis on the same lever. So throttle lever 1 was assigned Axis Throttle1 and Reverser 1 together. Then in the calibration page of FSUIPC I set the figures such that the two didn't overlap ie 100% throttle was +16300'ish to 0% throttle -8000 then null zone from -8000 to -11000 and then Reverse thrust -11000 to -16300. This seems to give me more control over the reverse thrust but the two thrust levers don't always go into reverse at the same moment which is interesting sometimes. Ok so I lose the button function and the thrust quadrant is a little bit shorter the 0% thrust position has the levers at the 20% movement position on the quadrant. I do however get wonderful control of the reverser's when landing which makes me think it might be worth it. I altered the profiles for all my Jets and they all work fine using this method, Quality Wings, PMDG except the new 777, Captain Sim's 707 and Just flight. Interested in anyone's opinion of this method of achieving reverse thrust using FSUIPC and Saitek throttle quadrants. Regards, David Phillips.
  3. Hi Peter, Thanks for the reply, just wanted to let you know I have sorted out my problem, I was making it alot harder than it really was! Guess that's what happens when you don't fully understand what your trying to achieve. I had the Lua scripts in the right place and they were working but I was looking for something to select in FSUIPC, when you select assign a button to a task using the "fsx controls" drop down menu in FSUIPC................... Confusion caused by my own ignorance, lol. Anyway thanks again for your patience trying to explain how these things work. Regards. David Phillips.
  4. Hi Peter, Thanks for the reply and sorry for not reading your post straight away! I think what I meant by "FSX Buttons" dropdown, was that the way I read the original post on the A2A site after creating the mentioned files "B377 reverse.lua" and "B377 exit revers.lua" I was assuming that these titles would appear in the list of commands that appear in FSUIPC under the "FSX buttons" so that I could assign the buttons on my throttle to that command. On second thoughts thinking about it now, a few days later I think I'm all wrong with this as the code in the Lua files tells FSUIPC which buttons is being assigned anyway. The name of the Lua files, were the two that I pasted in my original post, which I copied from the original post in the A2A forum, hence my confusion as to whether a Lua file was just simply a text file with the .lua at the end or indeed did I need to download some program in order for the files to be recognised as Lua files. I think FSX was running at the time so maybe I should have restarted FSX to see if my efforts worked or not. I think I will need to spend some more time doig some homework on Lua files and how to arrange them properly. Thanks again for your information. Regards David Phillips.
  5. Hi Peter, This is probably going to sound like a really silly question. I found on the A2A forum a small lua script for making the reverser's work in the A2A simulations B377 Stratocruiser, using FSUIPC. I asked in the forum about where this code should be copied too and was told in needs to be in the FSX modules folder, as that is where FSUIPC lives. I was told that the instruction "B377 reverse" and "B377 reverse exit" would then appear in the list of button options in FSUIPC's drop down box. So after typing the said code, which I include a copy of below, I see nothing in the "FSX Buttons" drop down. Script #1:- Enter reverse pitch - file named "B377_Reverse.lua" This script sends "F1" (key code 112) and then multiple F2's (keycode 113). The number of times that F2 is sent was chosen to move the VC throttles all the way back to full reverse position. Code: i = 0 ipc.keypress(112) ipc.sleep(250) while i < 14 do ipc.keypress(113) ipc.keypress(113) ipc.keypress(113) ipc.sleep(50) i = i + 1 end Script #2 - Exit reverse pitch File name "B377_Exit_Revers.lua" The script sends F3 (keycode 114) multiple times...enough to move the VC throttles out of the reverse zone and just into the 'normal' range..or idle thrust. Code: i = 0 while i < 15 do ipc.keypress(114) ipc.sleep(50) ipc.keypress(114) ipc.sleep(50) i = i + 1 end So my question is really about how to place these files in the "Modules" folder, do they have to be saved as special file format, in a sub folder, do I need to download a program to create these files in the correct format? or are these just saved as "text" files? I maybe should mention that while I have FSUPIC set up with profiles for each aircraft etc, I can alter cfg files too my ends and do stuff like that, I have never tried to write my own code, which this essentially is, so I'm currently slightly overwhelmed with what is probably a very simple problem, and just need some advice to get started. Thanks for any advice. David Phillips
  6. Hi all. I'm setting up FSUIPC and gradually working through my hanger, assigning axis and buttons to my aircraft. One I still have to set up is my A2A B377 Stratocruiser, which of course is a four engine Prop..............I have two Saitek throttle quadrants, so six levers. I'm just curious as to whether folks have, Mixture, Prop and Throttle for engine 1 and 2 together and 3 and 4 together or maybe engine 1 and 4 together and 2 and 3 together. Would Mixture 1,2,3,4 on one axis and then throttle 1234 on separate axis and then Prop pitch 1,2,3,4 together be better? Just interested how others here have assigned axis in their own FSUIPC when a four engined prop is involved. Thanks for any thoughts. Regards. David Phillips.
  7. Hi Peter, Sorry for not getting on here for a few days to read your reply................Would you believe I've been busy programming FSUIPC and having great success. I keep setting up Axis and Buttons for an aircraft and then getting another idea and changing them all again, lol. I think I've settled on settings I'm happy with now. FSUIPC is just so flexible. I will try unclicking the Clock sync, and see if that helps, I've been running FSX and trying to see if there is a pattern developing.........No luck as yet. Thanks for the comments regarding the Aerosoft Catalina, I'll have a look at that thread in a minute. Regards. David Phillips.
  8. Hi peter, Thanks for your quick reply. I will try the shortened name for aircraft of each type in the profile part of FSUIPC found in the modules file, I have been there to delete a few profiles wrongly assigned so no problem there............Please excuse some of my descriptions of files and pages etc, I'm still learning a whole lot about computers while at the same time learning about the in's and out's of getting the most from FSX. Great fun! My Catalina query might not be easily sorted as I don't think Aerosoft have a Key command for mixture settings. The mixtures are set moving a lever similar to "prop pitch" but it's indented with 4 settings, off, lean, auto rich and full rich which I think are only supposed to be adjusted from in the Virtual Cockpit................I'll look into this one again later tonight. my last query regarding the loading bar coming up on the screen, which says something about "loading traffic" I've never seen this one before either. I do have the "Clock Sync" option checked, but as you say it shouldn't be that far out after only 10 or 15 mins. I know my system is only mid range and it does well to run FSX, REX Essentials, Ground Environment X, etc and A2A, PMDG type aircraft too............Did I mention that second screen which I know knocks quite a few frames/second off the total. lol I think it might well be something I have to play around with..............I might turn off the second screen and see if that makes a difference and make some notes on what causes it. At least it's not doing it all the time and doesn't distract from my flying. Once again thanks for your quick reply. Regards, David Phillips.
  9. Hi all, I have been using FSX for a number of years, but only this weekend decided to buy a Saitek yoke, rudder pedals and trim wheel with an additional Throttle Quadrant. After installing their software and trying all weekend to set mode 1 with Mixture, Prop and Throttle and Mode 2 with Spoilers, Throttle and Flaps I gave it up as a bad job! Nothing worked as it should, so frustrating. Anyway I know everyone goes on about how useful FSUIPC is in FSX, so today I bought the payware version to sort out my problems. After a day playing around with settings and reading the manual I have the basics of what I was looking for, including setting up a Joystick for those planes without Yokes, brilliant.............I found it so good and most things worked first time, even reverse thrust on my jets! I do have just a few questions however, I have set up profiles as suggested in the manual, Props, Jets, and Props with sticks, however I have noticed that each assigned profile only applies to the aircraft that was loaded at the time I set the profile up. So if I have say 10 Carenado Cessna 172's in different liveries, only the one on the screen at the time gets the "prop profile". Is there a way to apply my "prop profile" to all of them at the same time, or do I have to apply my profile to each individual 172 as I use it? I'm also trying to set up a profile for the Aerosoft Catalina, and have everything working except the Mixture which I am trying to set up using a lever on the throttle quadrant but indexed in 1/3rds with Lean, best, and Rich but the Mixture levers on the Catalina don't seem to move with the lever on the quadrant. I Know this isn't a simple Axis setting like Prop or Throttle and is taxing me a little? I've also noticed that since installing FSUIPC, FSX seems to pause for a second every now and then and reload the "traffic" which I found a little odd, once done it returns to where it was, but is there a way to either not see the "loading traffic bar" or not reload traffic so often. It's maybe just a setting issue not a fault!. I wonder if it's something to do with FSUIPC creating those saved settings in case I crash? Anyway, sorry to ramble on but those are my only queries after a much better day than I had all weekend! thanks for a great product. regards. David Phillips. PS must set up a signature first next time!
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