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  1. In the absence of specific taxi instructions, aircraft taxiing to 13R from the east side of the airport will taxi through the middle of the north terminal. Is this a real life permitted taxi or would they be expected to go around on taxiway B?
  2. FS1TR

    ERJ145 Confusion

    When following this link https://www.feelthere.com//product-category/p3d/ to the Feelthere store, the first two entries are EMBRAER ERJ135, ERJ145XRJ FOR P3D4 and EMBRAER ERJ145 P3D4 They're both listed at $24.99. What is the difference between the two 145s?
  3. For any given airport, I just sort the airlines.txt file on cols 1-3. Are you looking for more than that? Tom
  4. I'm running Tracon 2012 with the latest version of Windows10 with no problems.
  5. While working/playing on my computer, I came across Acronis True Image. In addition to its usual backup, I noticed that it was running a programs called " Acronis Active Protection." The pop-up window for this program indicates that it protects against ransomware. Being always suspicious, I turned it off. Lo and behold, I can now open Tower 3d windows without them disappearing. I'd like to thank everyone who tried to help. I will now go and see if this capability improves my game play. Tom
  6. I posted the log in the post above yours.
  7. Is Feelthere working on a new version of Tracon?
  8. Ariel. I'm not using steam, but I think this is the file you need. Tom output_log.txt
  9. If I click the "double window" the window disappears. If I then click the circle by the A, the window reappears. Clicking the "double window" again, same result.
  10. The only other place that I have opened and undocked a window is P3D Flight Simulator and it works fine there. hexzed: I don't know what you mean by "open a second window of the same kind"
  11. Yes, If I click the circle at the top the window will reappear. None of your other suggestions will work because I cannot undock the window. As soon as I click, the window flashes and disappears. I never get any control of the undocked window.
  12. Yes, the most recent auto update. For me that is 10.0.18362
  13. That is the same link that I posted above. The workaround does not work for me because the window disappears before it can be given focus.
  14. Yes. There is nothing on the task bar except the main program missing the disappeared window.
  15. No anti virus and yes Admin mode. This is apparently a known problem that is discussed on steam. However, the work around does not work for me. https://steamcommunity.com/app/588190/discussions/0/1639792569837883560/
  16. GPU: 8GB Nvidia GTX1080 Processor: i7 7700k OS: Win10 64b latest version
  17. If you're talking about the thing that looks like a double window, that doesn't work for me. When I click that button the window simply disappears.
  18. Can the ADIRS window be moved to a separate monitor and if so how? I can't seem to isolate it as the active window.
  19. For LAX, can anyone tell me what time has the most departures and what time has the most arrivals?
  20. Thanks raad. One question I forgot to ask is how do you move the map around?
  21. I haven't played in a long time. I'm trying to remember, is there a key press for push-to-talk or is it just the button on the command panel?
  22. New to JFK. Any links or suggestions for normal operations and strategies.
  23. callsign, exit at taxiway x Give the command before the aircraft lands.
  24. FS1TR


    The LAX doc doesn't help at all. @crbascott indicated that in real life departures don't always go to the nearest runway and that destination played a roll in choosing the runway. I'm asking if he or anyone else has information on how departure runways are chosen, Forget winds assume 24L and 25R.
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