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  1. FS1TR

    KLAX Terminal Assignments

    bcooley66, I compared the airlines in your terminal file with those that are included in a schedule created using Dick Parker's Schedule Creator. I find the following airlines are included in the schedule but are not in your terminal file: NAC, UPS, RPA, THT, EVA, SIA, and THY. I'm guessing that these airlines should be added as follows: Terminal_GA: NAC, UPS Terminal_TBIT: EVA, THT, THY, SIA Do you have a suggestion for RPA? The following airlines do not appear in Dick's schedule but you have assigned them a terminal. Do they appear in the Real Traffic schedule? I couldn't check this because I don't know their two character code: CHH, EVE, WOW, TCX, BUG, BTQ, and MEO. I agree with you that this will make the sim nore realistic. Unfortunately it will also require me to completely reorganize my brain when it comes to taxiing arrivals. Tom
  2. Using Dick Parker's Schedule Creator, one of the busiest times at KATL is between 1 and 4 in the morning. Is this true in real life?
  3. Is there some reason why I can't type the letter Q in the airport search boxes? Tom
  4. I've purchased and installed KATL. However, I'm not getting Real Traffic. I do get Real Traffic at KLAX. Do I have to do something in addition to the installation of KATL. I also note that if I look in the KATL folder I have no schedule, airlines, terminal and other files that I do have a KLAX. Tom
  5. FS1TR

    Tower!3D Pro: KATL Installation Problem

    Real Traffic SP3 seems to have done the trick. Thanks for the help Tom
  6. FS1TR

    Change Departure Runway

    After issuing the command "Pushback approved, expect runway 24R" I realize that I meant runway 25R. Is there a command to correct this? Tom
  7. FS1TR

    KATL operations

    Thank you Andrew. It's now time to try Atlanta. However, I'm sure I'm going to miss the one way ramps from Tower 2011. Tom
  8. FS1TR

    Tower 3D voice

    Click HELP on the start-up screen and make sure that you are running as Administrator.
  9. FS1TR

    KATL operations

    Assuming West Ops, is there a procedure for which aircraft go to 27R and which to 26L? Also are 26L and 27R far enough apart that they can handle simultaneous departures without a heading change?
  10. FS1TR

    KATL operations

    Andrew, Which aircraft are not permitted on V. I know nothing about wingspans.
  11. I am trying to coordinate the times listed in a schedule by Dick Parker's schedule creator and the starting time used on the start screen. My assumption is that Dick's is UTC and the game uses local time. Is this correct? Is Daylight Savings time reflected, for example, Is the difference between UTC and LAX 8 hours or 7 hours?
  12. FS1TR

    Tower!3d Pro: Voice Recognition

    Alittle more info. Aircraft light up all over the adirs but I never hear any request for pushback. Is there a delay between when they appear and when they ask for pushback? OK I MADE THE STUPID MISTAKE OF NOT RUNNING AS ADMIN. PLEASE IGNORE THIS QUESTION.
  13. OK I purchased Tower!3d Pro and loaded it up. Downhill from there. I get no voice control. Tower 2011 started voice by itself. Is that not the case with pro? I get a little beep when I press the left shift key but nothing I say registers. Everything was working perfectly with Tower 2011.
  14. I am about to purchase Tower!3D Pro and Real Traffic. Is Real Traffic for both the Pro and non Pro versions? I only see one llisted in the Feelthere store.
  15. FS1TR

    Tower!3D PRO: Real Traffic

    The second question, do you still need to make all the changes to the airlines.txt and other recommended files?
  16. FS1TR

    Tower!3D PRO: Real Traffic

    A couple of questions I forgot to ask. I'm coming from Tower 2011 where I used Dick Parker's schedule creator. Is this program still good for Pro? If so, do you still need to make all the changes to the airlines.txt and other recommended files?
  17. FS1TR

    Displaced Thresholds

    I noted in a number of posts that the problem with "displaced thresholds" has been fixed. Can someone please tell me what a "displaced threshold is?
  18. FS1TR

    Cannot open exported .pln in FSC (answered)

    You cannot open a standard FSX plan file in FSC. FSC creates FSX format plan files but it does not read them.
  19. Atlanta(default) has one cargo terminal with 26 gates. 18 of these gates are in the north cargo area and 8 are in the south. I would like to create two cargo terminals - North and South. This appears to be easy if I knew which gates were north and which were south. The gates are numbered 1 to 26. Will somebody tell me which gates are north and which are south?? Thanks, Tom
  20. FS1TR

    No comment ;-)

    Got a link? I searched channels and found no FeelThere.
  21. FS1TR

    Aircraft seperation

    When you first open Tower at LAX you see a picture of the runways with what looks like buttons on them. Click on 24R and 25L. This will force all arrivals to one of those Runways. In game you now send all departures to 24L or 25R. If while playing, an aircraft arrives on 24R that would be more convenient on 25L you can issue the command "Enter final Runway 25L."
  22. FS1TR

    Aircraft seperation

    Works for me.
  23. FS1TR

    Aircraft seperation

    For departures from 25R, I issue the command "After departure fly heading 235" Then Cleared for take off. For 24L use heading 265. This insures that there is no conflict.

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