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  1. FS1TR

    Computer Meltdown (solved)

    In the menu, click on "about" then "register."
  2. I have Tower 2011 Single player working fine using Win 10 64bit. I had to run in Win 7 Compatibility mode.
  3. FS1TR

    Tower 2011! Strip Font Size

    Using the links from my original purchase, the download claims to be sp2. Does BMTMicro have sp4 or is there a separate download for the update?
  4. FS1TR

    FSC9.6 - routing problem (solved)

    The problem is that DINRO in not on the UL620 airway according to Navigraph AIRAC 1508
  5. FS1TR


    Vic, Steam sounds good to me.
  6. The original post was three years ago. The suggestion to roll back to a previous version was two weeks ago.
  7. FS1TR

    Tower 2011 Atlanta

    In the past someone posted a revised airfield file for Atlanta where the terminal taxiways had been revised to be one way up on one side and one way down on the other. Does anyone have this file?? Tom
  8. FS1TR

    Tower 2011 Tower.exe file gone

    I can confirm your findings. I simply deleted MSE. In 6 years MSE never came up with anything but false positives.
  9. FS1TR

    Tower 2011 Atlanta

    No one has this file??
  10. FS1TR

    Very nice taxi pattern reference for KATL

    Do you know the standard taxi procedures for the north side?
  11. On the right side of the flight plan box there are two check boxes. One for High Alt and the other for Low Alt. When I start FSC only the High Alt box is checked. How can I get both boxes checked and have them stay checked for the next time I load FSC?
  12. Bob, Make sure that Navigtraph is pointing to the same directory that contains FSC.EXE. For me that's c:\fsc9
  13. FS1TR

    Tracon 2012 male or female pilot voice

    I believe the program uses the system default text-to-speech voice. In Win 7 this is Microsoft Anna.
  14. If you installed FSX to the default directory and If you set up your paths in FSC correctly, you should find the flight plan in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS
  15. FS1TR

    VOR flight plan

    Vaughn, When you place your cursor on the FSC map the Lon & Lat appear at the bottom of the map. This should make it easy to select the desired VOR from the list.
  16. FS1TR

    Error by importing PFPX Flightplan

    Daniel, My best guess is that your flightplan is missing some information that is required by FSC. As a result, FSC may expect to read a waypoint but is actually getting some other information from your format and considers it a bad waypoint. .
  17. FS1TR

    Error by importing PFPX Flightplan

    Daniel: I believe that you can only import FSC flightplans into FSC. If you get your flightplan elsewhere, you must copy the route string into the flightplan window as you did and let FSC create its own flightplan.
  18. FS1TR

    FSC 9.3 to 9.5 procedure

    If you purchased FSC from SimMarket, download the full version 9.5 from the FSC web site, install it and insert your registration information.. If you pruchased FSC from Aerosoft, download the latest version from your aerosoft account.
  19. I'm running 1408. No problems so far.
  20. There is no such thing. Did you buy FSC from Aerosoft or from Simmarket or are you using the trial version?
  21. FS1TR

    FSC Newbie

    FSC's primary purpose is to create a flight plan. The FSC specific flight plan is only used in FSC. Once created the FSC plan can be automatically reformated and exported for use in other programs. One of the other programs is FSX. It is this reformatted flight plan that is imported into FSX. So, with the demo you can learn how to create the FSC flight plan but you can't save it or reformat it for FSX. However, you can assume that that part works. If you want to see the parts of FSC that work inside FSX you will have to create a FSX flight plan. You can do this simply in FSX.
  22. FS1TR

    FSC Preview version

    Creedz I don't see your problem. You can create a flightplan. That will let you see all the flight planning features of FSC.. Why do you need to save a FSX flight plan? You can be sure it works. If you want to see the moving map features of FSC, load any flight with a standard FSX flight plan, start FSC and connect to FSX. What is it that you can't try with the demo?
  23. FS1TR

    Upgrade Ver 9.3 to Ver 9.5?

    Download the full version 9.5, install it and insert your registration information.

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