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  1. FSX flight plans can not be imported into FSC. FSC needs information not in the FSX flight plan.
  2. If you go to http://www.fscommander.com and scroll down to the bottom right, you will see a section on Registration. In it is a link to Simmarket. Click on it. If you get a non English page, look at the upper left side of the page and you will see a British flag. Click it and you will get an English page.
  3. Assuming 4L/R are in use, would departutres use taxiway A and Arrivals use B?
  4. I seem to remember that the FSC map indicates when travel on an airway is only permitted in one direction. I can't find an explanation in the manual. Please let me know how this is shown on the map. Thanks,
  5. What is the most common runway set up for arrival and departures at KJFK?
  6. Jim: Maybe I am misunderstanding your question but, if you have a legal copy of version 9.2 there is no need to buy anything. Uninstall and back up as Volker indicated in the messsage above. Go here ==> http://www.fscommander.com/download.htm and download the full version 9.5. Install and move the backed-up files to the new installation and you should be good to go. Tom
  7. As you said - use the right click method.
  8. Here's a complete guess: There are two VORs named MOD. One is Modesto,which I expect is the one you want. The other one is in Germany by EDDG, some 4600 miles from KRDD. My guess is that the FSC route builder is picking up the German MOD and is not happy with the distance to the first waypoint. If you use the "Find Object" menu item under Map and search for a VOR named MOD, you will be able to select MOD manually and all is fine.
  9. Take a look at responses 7, 8 and 9 in this thread == http://forum.simflight.com/topic/71920-departure-gate-issue-with-fsx-and-fs-commander/
  10. FSC gets its airports from FSX. Add the airport to FSX, run the database manager and it should appear in FSC.
  11. See section 5.4 of the current documentation.
  12. I believe that your problem is unrelated to FSC. I just loaded FSC 9.3 and it took 40 seconds from first click to airport selection page. If you are still having problems, read this link and post the required information. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/60271-imortant-everyone-please-read/
  13. RC4 uses the standard FSX flight plan. There is no RC4 format. The one in FSC is for old versions. Save the standard FSX flightplan. If it works in FSX it will work in RC4.
  14. Radar Contact does not follow either flight plan as you approach your destination. At about 40 miles from the destination, RC will pick a runway and will vector you to it for landing. The RC runway choice is based on AI landing, ILS, weather and possibly some other criteria. If you wish to fly a specific approach, you must select that approach from the RC menu when you contact approach. You will then have to fly the approach on your own. RC will not contact you again until you are on final .
  15. Unlike FSNavigator, FSC is an independent application. It is simply a limitation of the Windows operating system. When running an application in fullscreen mode, no other application can stay on top of it.
  16. On page 22 of the manual there is a picture of the toolbar button that "activates the measuring tool for distance and course." Press the button and then click, drag and release on the map. You will get a line showing heading and distance.
  17. Take a look at this thread ==> http://forum.simflight.com/topic/71920-departure-gate-issue-with-fsx-and-fs-commander/
  18. I have no idea what FSC X is. The latest version is 9.2 What version number shows up when you load FSC?
  19. Try this pinned message at the top of the forum. http://forum.simflig...-or-incomplete/
  20. No. The button on the flight plan under OK that you use to select the starting spot. I've never tried the menu item. It might work.BUT after selecting your gate be sure to close the window before saving the flight plan.
  21. A suggestion. Press the button to select the departure gate, select gate, press button again to close the gate window and then save the flight plan.
  22. What WPTs are you using in your flight plan? I used OAIX KAVOG IVAGA SERGO PATOX HANGU DURKA KAVOG OAIX and saw no problem.
  23. Have you read this forum message ==> http://forum.simflight.com/topic/71613-error-message-fsc-92-database-for-flight-simulator-2004-missing-or-incomplete/
  24. The following paragraph is copied from the "Everyone Please Read" post pinned above. It may answer your question. Note also that FlightSim Commander is distributed through two sources. If you download directly from our website, then you need to register with SimMarket. If you buy the boxed version or download version from Aerosoft, you will be registered during installation. You CANNOT use the Aerosoft key for the SimMarket version and conversely you cannot use the key you receive from SimMarket for the Aerosoft version. If you expect to get the discount (for owners of 8.x only) you have to stick with the company where you bought/registered 8.x. That is, if you bought 8.x from Aerosoft you can only get the discount from Aerosoft. If you registered 8.x with SimMarket, you get the discount only if you register 9.x with SimMarket
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