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  1. FS1TR

    Help.chm doesn't work

    I recently downloaded a CHM file and it came with the following instructions: If you are using Windows XP SP2 or later and you are going to download the documentation in CHM format, you need to "unblock" the file after downloading it by right-clicking on it in Windows Explorer and selecting the "Properties" menu item, then clicking on the "Unblock" button (on Windows Vista this is within the "Security" options). Failure to unblock the documentation file may result in error messages including "Navigation to the webpage was canceled" due to Windows security restrictions. I don't know if the instruction was only for the file I downloaded or if it might apply to all CHM files. Give it a try, can't hurt.
  2. FS1TR

    Error Closing FSC ver. 9.1

    Volker: For the record, I normally run Vista 32 with UAC off. I get the error on closing. I also manually ran the FSC.exe as administrator and also get the error on closing.
  3. FS1TR

    Error Closing FSC ver. 9.1

    Volker: I am having the same problem as JJ after installing the 9.1 update. FSC appears to work fine until exiting. Upon exit I get the message that FSC has stopped working and that Windows is checking for a solution. My specs: 1. Flight Simulator version used : FSX 2. FSUIPC Registered copy Version 4.60 3. FS Commander 9.1 build 27-09-2011 4. Downloaded update version from your website 5. Operating System : Windows Vista 32 Tom
  4. The best way to save the FSC flight plan to a PDF file is to use a PDF printer. If you don't have one you can get a free one at http://www.bullzip.com/
  5. FS1TR

    Flightplan from specific gate

    Maybe I don't understand the question but . . . In the flight plan window under the "OK" and above the Keys icon there is an icon that looks like a spreadsheet. If you click it, it will bring up the waypoint window. Select the "gate assignment tab and highlight the gate that you want to start at. Click the OK button back in the flight plan window. Now when you load the flight plan in FSX you will be at the gate or ramp you selected.
  6. Sascha: By the time I fly that route again I'm sure Richard will have fixed the database. I suppose it is a good thing that it takes 2-3 years to find errors in Richard's data. Thanks,
  7. 1. FSX Gold with Acceleration 2. FSUIPC 4.60a 3. FS Commander version 9.0 Build 23-11-2010 Database Manager version 9.0 Build 171110 4. Download version simMarket 5. Operating System Vista32 6. Airac Cycle 1013 I enter the following in the flight plan window CYBL ROYST J502 SEA J20 YKM KYKM and press OK. The flight plan that is generated goes to ROYST but instead of continuing south to SEA, it heads north to ANN then a long round about back to SEA. After some experimenting I determined that if I changed the flight plan to CYBL ROYST J502 YYJ J502 SEA J20 YKM KYKM, it works fine except that the generated flight plan makes no mention of the J502 between YYJ and SEA. While the J502 shows on the FSC map and both YYJ and SEA indicate that they are on the J502, the flight plan generator does not seem to recognize the J502 between YYJ and SEA. Can someone please give this flight plan a try and see if you get the same result? I don't need a work around as I can simply plot the way points and ignore the airway. However, if others are seeing the same result, this may be indicative of a larger problem.
  8. Is there a way to determine the transmisson range for a particular VOR by looking at the FSC map? Is this information available anywhere else within FSC? If the answer to the above questions is no, is the information easily found in FSX?
  9. FS1TR

    Odd and Even Flght Levels

    But isn't that the point? I use FSC to create my flight plan which I then load into FSX and Radar Contact both of which need the Cruise altitude for proper functioning. I would hate to have to manually modify the FSC produced flight plan for the proper altitude. If you elect to make a change to accommodate France and Brazil, I suggest setting the initial value based on the east/west odd/even criteria as you do now, but allow it to be adjusted in 1000 foot increments.
  10. Sascha: Your intention was to create a file with all the data used in an FSC flight plan so that the end user would be able to create whatever printed output was desired. However, this assumes that the end user has a knowledge of HTML, CSS or whatever other language can convert the XML data file to the desired page for printing. If the end user does not have this knowledge, the XML file is really no help. The "normal" print flight plan will create a nice formatted page. All the bullzip printer does is direct the printed output to a pdf file instead of the printer. This file can be opened later (using Adobe Reader, FS9 kneeboard . . .) without the overhead of FSC. I assumed that this was what Duke60 was looking for. I am not aware of any missing data or any other problem with your XML file.
  11. Duke60: If you simply want a copy of what would have printed if you selected "print flightplan," have you considered saving the flight plans as a .pdf file? There are a number of free programs that install a printer that creates a pdf file of what would otherwise have been printed. I tested the bullzip pdf printer and it works fine with Vista. It is at bullzip.com. A google search will undoubtly give you more choices.
  12. FS1TR

    Airac Data

    The official version from Navigraph contains a read me file with installation instructions.
  13. FS1TR

    FSUIPC4.DLL Question

    Get the latest version here ==> http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html
  14. Please read this post viewtopic.php?f=155&t=74997
  15. While there is no "drag & drop" a simple right click will move a waypoint to the flight plan.
  16. FS1TR

    Route String Not Printing

    I'm not sure the route string printed in version 8.4. If you install the latest patch to version 8.4.2, I think you will get the route string printed.
  17. FS1TR

    Route String Not Printing

    The route string prints near the top of the General Flight Information. If you only print the Waypoint List, you will not see the route string.
  18. FS1TR

    J Routes

    I can confirm Volkers's answer. I too am using airac cycle 0902 and when I put in your string I get KDTW DUNKS J70 PMM J547 OBK J100 SAKES BCE KLAS. When I then add the star I get KDTW DUNKS J70 PMM J547 OBK J100 GRNPA1.BCE KLAS I must admit that I am surprised that your string does not work with previous airac cycles since all your VORs should be in the previous cycles.
  19. FS1TR

    J Routes

    I assume that you are talking about entering the J route in the route string box. If so . . . I have had no problem entering J routes as long as the J route is preceded and followed by a waypoint on the route. For example, KTEB ELIOT J80 WINTS KCDI
  20. FS1TR

    Moving Map and New Weather URL

    Jim: Do not use FSC to get the file. Copy the new URL into your browser and it will take you to a page with a bunch of files named 01Z.txt 02.txt and so on. I usually find the one that was most recently updated. Right click on the file you select and choose the option "Save target as" or "save link as" . Save the file to your FSC\database directory. Do not change the name. Now load FSC and "Show weather." Do not download the weather. Just show it.
  21. Volker: I have installed version 8.4.2, I have changed my time format to HH:mm:ss, and I have copied the new URL into the options page. When attempting to download weather I get an error downloading file message. The readme for the patch indicates that I should be able to download the file manually. I see no option for a manual download. How would I download manually?? Tom
  22. FS1TR

    Distance measuring.

    I assume that you are trying to measure the distance and direction from point A to point B. There is a button on the toolbar. It is approximately in the middle. If you put your cursor on the button, it will pop up a tool tip that says "Measure Distance." Click this button. Move your mouse to point A and drag to point B. As you are dragging, a blue box will appear at Point A showing you the direction and distance to where ever your cursor is now located. When you release the mouse button the line will remain on the map. The price is 34.95 euros. I leave it to you to convert that to Australian dollars. :D
  23. FS1TR

    Continuing Weather Problem

    Paul: Do not use FSC to get the file. Copy the URL into your browser and it will take you to a page with a bunch of files named 01Z.txt 02.txt and so on. I usually find the one that was most recently updated. Right click on the file you select and choose the option "Save target as" or "save link as" . Save the file to your FSC\database directory. Do not change the name. Now load FSC and "Show weather." Do not download the weather. Just show it.
  24. FS1TR

    Route String

    Volker: A request: For those of us that only print the waypoint list, would you consider also printing the route string at the top of the waypoint list?
  25. FS1TR

    ... out of memory

    Thee OOM error results from running out of virtual memory space. The only relationship to MyTraffic is that AI traffic uses a lot of resources.

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