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  1. FS1TR

    Tracon 2012 - Busy Times

    For LAX, can anyone tell me what time has the most departures and what time has the most arrivals?
  2. I haven't played in a long time. I'm trying to remember, is there a key press for push-to-talk or is it just the button on the command panel?
  3. FS1TR

    Tracon 2012 - Push-to-Talk

    Thanks again
  4. FS1TR

    Tracon 2012 - Push-to-Talk

    Thanks raad. One question I forgot to ask is how do you move the map around?
  5. FS1TR

    JFK Operations

    New to JFK. Any links or suggestions for normal operations and strategies.
  6. callsign, exit at taxiway x Give the command before the aircraft lands.
  7. Two questions: 1) I added the suggested cargo terminal at LAX south of runwy 25L. Cargo aircraft landing on 25L tend to exit to the right. Is there a setting that wll make them exit left?? 2) I forgot the second question. Getting old is wonderful!
  8. FS1TR


    The LAX doc doesn't help at all. @crbascott indicated that in real life departures don't always go to the nearest runway and that destination played a roll in choosing the runway. I'm asking if he or anyone else has information on how departure runways are chosen, Forget winds assume 24L and 25R.
  9. FS1TR


    Just to add spice to my life, what does happen in real life? Let's start with departures.
  10. FS1TR

    TTS Speaking XML

    As stated above voice recognition is perfect as long as Tower is set to the same gender as the default TTS.
  11. FS1TR

    TTS Speaking XML

    I'm running Win 10 with the latest updates.
  12. FS1TR

    TTS Speaking XML

    I've have the same problem. If my default TTS voice is male, female voice in Tower will speak HTML, male voice works fine. If I set the default TTS voice to female, the male voice in Tower will speak HTML, female voice is fine. I am running a Windows 10 English system as administrator. Problem has been there since I bought Tower 3D Pro in early 2017
  13. FS1TR

    KMEM Runway Operations

    Anybody got a link to normal runway operations at KMEM?
  14. I'm a little confused by this. From what I read the norm is: Arrivals on 26 Departures on 25R GA and cargo arrivals and departures to 25L Not necessarily the norm but I've been using these taxiways: Arrivals going west of T -- C T D, Arrivals going East of S -- C S D, Everybody staying on the north side of the airport -- Simply C GA and Cargo departures -- Simply taxi to 25L I don't give them specific instructions All other departures from the south side of the airport go to 25R at E12 via D? E ** exception departures from E12-13 go to 25R via D R Departures from the north side west of S go to 25R at E12 via C S E Departures from the north side east of S go to 25R via C R I find this avoids most aircraft collisions as everyone tries to get to 25R
  15. FS1TR

    Command Question

    I can send an aircraft to "RWY 25R taxi via blah blah" I can also have an aircraft take off from an intersection with "Rwy 25R at taxiway blah" My question is, can I do both? Can I take off from an intersection and give directions to that intersection?
  16. FS1TR

    Command Question

    Thank you. I got it working now.
  17. Reinstalled RT and all is well. Thanks for the help. crbascott, any comment on the above?
  18. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to reinstall RT. Doing so screws up changes I have made to other airports. However I will reinstall RT and let you know the result. I now find that my password for the RT download has expired. I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth buying new airports.
  19. I used the 9:00 Monday snippet and it stopped at 72%. Attached is the log. game.zip
  20. Turned off reflections, same problem
  21. I tried Sunday and Monday at 9:00 and they both stop at 72%. I'll try turning off reflections and let you know. Tom
  22. I just downloaded your custom KPHX and have encountered a problem. I installed default KPHX and it loads at 9:00. If I now replace the four common files, it still loads properly. If I now replace the two full schedule files, the load hangs at 72%. Any suggestions? Tom
  23. I just purchased KPHX and based on this link ==> https://www.faa.gov/airports/planning_capacity/profiles/media/PHX-Airport-Capacity-Profile-2014.pdf Arrivals use 26 & 25L, departures 25R (26 if they need the extra length). I may have missed it, but do you have any You Tube videos using this runway configuration? If there are no videos, I'm trying to get a handle on taxiing. Do you have some suggestions? Tom
  24. Anybody know a very busy hour at Philadelphia?
  25. Will someone please describe or post a link to normal runway and taxiway operations at KMCO?

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