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  1. While working/playing on  my computer, I came across Acronis True Image. In addition to its usual backup, I noticed that it was running a programs called "
    Acronis Active Protection." The pop-up window for this program indicates that it protects against ransomware. Being always suspicious, I turned it off.  Lo and behold, I can now open Tower 3d windows without them disappearing. 

    I'd like to thank everyone who tried to help. I will now go and see if this capability improves my game play.


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  2. 4 hours ago, scoobflight said:

    Have you played/searched around the Nvidia control panel to see if your system has some odd setting that is messing with opening independent windows?

    To the hive-mind: what are other users' settings for their Nvidia and can move windows to second screens?

    The only other place that I have opened and undocked a window is P3D Flight Simulator and it works fine there.

    hexzed: I don't know what you mean by "open a second window of the same kind"


  3. 13 hours ago, Salad said:

    Hi FS1TR,

    Just a couple of thoughts. Have you clicked in the little circle at the top of the main screen to see if they reappear? If they do you may be able to drag them outside the main screen then. Also do you have your main screen spread across both screens when you click the little double screen icon? If you do it may be confusing the program as it is trying to put them outside the main window but there is nowhere to go, try putting the main screen on one monitor if that's the case.

    Just some ideas which I hope may help.


    Yes, If I click the circle at the top the window will reappear.  None of your other suggestions will work because I cannot undock the window.  As soon as I click,  the window flashes and disappears.  I never get any control of the undocked window.

  4. 9 hours ago, pete_agreatguy said:

    All the documents linked here have all the answers you require :)


    The LAX doc doesn't help at all. @crbascott indicated that in real life departures don't always go to the nearest runway and that destination played a roll in choosing the runway. I'm asking if he or anyone else has information on how departure runways are chosen,  Forget winds assume 24L and 25R.

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