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  1. Would you consider adding auto weather file downloads every hour in the next upgrade please?
  2. Request ability to control altitude of aircraft (e.g. cross a fix at specified altitude). :D
  3. Pete, I will look forward to the update this weekend and see if that helps to remedy the problem. thanks for your quick response. Tom H
  4. Hi, I am using a CH FlightStick with FS2k4 and WinXP. It works fine in all aspects until I connect to a multiplayer server with someone else connected (no one else connected...still works fine). Once this happens, the rudder will either deflect full left or full right and I am unable to taxi via the joystick. If i disable the joystick, I am able to taxi via keyboard L/R arrows (not well though..hehe). Once airborne the joystick works fine. I am a registered user of FSUIPC and also have downloaded the latest joystick drivers from CH. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!! Tom :?
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