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  1. OK, thanks for that, Ian. I'll have a little play around with different setups over the coming week. God bless you. Mark.
  2. OK, good, well it seems that's exactly what I'm doing. My original post does show this, possibly not in the best format, so I can understand it if you thought I hadn't gone about it in the correct manner. To summarise what I said in my first post: Create my scheduled flight(s) Perform "Create all files and traffic" (only choosing MySchedule) Goto 'MyGlobalRoutes.dat' and copy created file(s) Paste file(s) into 'Closed.dat', adding a park time So the above should create T&G flights, yes? From this point do I need to save the database within the editor again? And lastly, am I righ
  3. Thank you for your reply, Burkhard. Yes, I know from reading your Editor Manual that the complete process cannot be achieved solely from the editor, but I can only see #31 in the manual having any relevance to adding my own T&G training airports. Once I've carried out the work stated in #31 how do I then go about actually getting the planes to perform T&Gs? If I'm coming across as ignorant then that's because I am. But I'm starting to enjoy messing around with your wonderful program, rather than simply use it, out of the box, to automatically add some flights. Which would be a terri
  4. Hello again, (main problems in bold) after using the FSX SDK to create my airport dump, import/export this info to update my MTX database, and then perform a full 'Schedules, files and traffic' thingy, I was happy to see everywhere in my Orbx Oceania world looking good in terms of traffic. So, with my limited knowledge I looked into creating my own T&G schedules. The idea of using the beautiful Manapouri (NZMO) as a training ground was very appealing. This is how I set about doing it: Using an original copy of the MTX_V54a.myt database file (basically starting from scratch) I first
  5. Thank you, Burkhard, for your support. I spent a lot of money making FSX look and run as well as possible. My chosen Orbx packs for Oceania make for a wonderful scenic world to fly in; the REX Essential additions add to the realism; the many OZx airports are a welcome freebie; my Realair Legacy surrounds me in HD splendour and my quaint Drifter Ultralight is unmatched in landscape viewing. But only now, after installing your product, does the world I fly in feel real. I'm now more inclined to visit the larger airports and fly the larger aircraft. With MTX, the sky is no longer a place of so
  6. Wow, thanks for the swift reply, I'm not used to such speedy customer care. OK, so what you're saying is this: if I apply the 'Wide Screen' setting, even though the marker doesn't stay ticked, it has been applied. The same applies to the Exits and Effects; even though the markers stay ticked, whatever I apply there and then is applied. Is that correct? I must say, your program is very good. I tried JF Traffic X, and well, let's say no more.
  7. Hello all, I recently purchased MTX 5.4a Pro, it's a wonderful bit of kit and I've successfully installed it, imported/exported my airports (via FSX SDK and MTX Editor) and all seems well, apart from the MyTraffic Communicator. I want to 'Configure MyTraffic' but when I click on the 'Manage aircraft......' I cannot change any of the settings, they will not stay ticked/unticked. Both 'Exits' and 'Effects' were enabled from install, 'Simple' and 'Widescreen' settings are disabled (unticked). I have full permissions on my PC (all relevant folders are FULL permissions) but no matter what I try I
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