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  1. HIDscanner didn't found any of the CDUs But using com.read in Lua Script seems to work. Thank you for your help. For all with the same Problem: - I added 3 Areas in the FSUIPC.ini [VRINSIGHT] 1=COM4 2=COM5 [VRInsight.CDU2] Lua=CDUpilot DriverReads=YES DriverWrites=NO [VRInsight.CDU2] Lua=CDUfo DriverReads=YES DriverWrites=NO - For the Lua script itself i used parts of HDIdemo and VRI_SetMach The Main Function actually writes only a log of what i received by the com port. if VRImodel == nil then -- Set known ports if testing with Lua not loaded automatically VRIdevice = "COM4" end speed = 115200 -- is this the same for all VRI devices? handshake = 0 -- No handshake minsize = 8 maxsize = 8 -- VRI seems to use fixed length blocks of 8 bytes -- Polling rate in number of polls per second -- Must higher than 0 Pollrate = 20 dev = com.open(VRIdevice, speed, handshake) if dev == 0 then ipc.log("Could not open VRIdevice port") ipc.exit() end -- Hauptfunktion function Poll(time) str, n = com.read(dev,8) ipc.log(str) -- Here i receive Data from Com Port for example "LSKL1" or "FUN11" or "KEYA" end if Pollrate == 0 then -- Ouch. Mustn't divide by zero! Pollrate = 20 end event.timer(1000/Pollrate, "Poll") -- poll values 'Pollrate' times per second
  2. Hi Pete Thanks for your Response. I will give it a try by using LUA script Also i will have a look to virtual Buttons. - Don't know when i will find some time to check it but i will give response for my results. Stefan
  3. :-( I can try but last time i had a Question i got never Response. nevertheless thank you Pete
  4. Hi there I followed instruction in advanced user guide appendix 3 and added a VRINSIGHT Section to FSUIPC.ini [VRINSIGHT] 1=COM4 2=COM5 But now both Devices will be detected with the same joystick number. What do i have to do that i can use both of them seperately. I want one for the Pilots input and the other one for the FO input so i must differentiate both CDUs Thank you PS: Using FSX and FSUIPC 4 latest Version
  5. Thanks for very fast answer 😉 Am i right? There is no demo (Test-Mode) for WideFS isn't it?
  6. Hi there On simmarket i saw the statement " Note: If both WideFS7 and FSUIPC4 or FSUIPC5 are registered, both registrations must use the same user name. " As my mailadress has changed since i bought FSUIPC i'm not sure if i can order a key for WideFS that will work. So must name AND mail be the same for both progs? If yes how can i get a registration key with my old inactive mailadress? kind regards Stefan
  7. Hi there how can i steer the PWM Outputs of Pokeys57E using LUA script? i tried this chk_pin_121_42, pin_121_42 = poKey121:GetAnalogInput(41) if(pin_121_42 <= 15) then --Input 42 Poti (Analog In) max value 4080 min value 15 pin_121_42 = 0 end poKey121:SetPWMOutputs(0,4080,pin_121_42) --Output liegt auf Pin 22 bzw. Channel 0 but on line 5 Flight Simulator will crash down :( Thanks for helping Stefan
  8. Ohh sorry these are my first steps with FSUIPC and didn´t ralize you need more info I use iFly 737NG with FSX (i think the iFly wont understand the control 66704 to toggle the needed switch on the overhead) FSUIPC - Version 4.853 also istalled LUA Version 5.1.4
  9. Hi there i try to set a toggle switch for taxi lights. I know how to check an complete offset for changes - it´s like that event.offset("0D0C", "UW", "TaxiLights") But how can check just the bit which is important for the TaxiLights? (In this case the bit i need to know is :cool: I think i can read out the value of a bit so that i can decide if a LED has to turn on or off for the next step. Hope you´ll understand my english Thanks for your response. Stefan EDIT: Sorry for the question i think i found a workaround. If you´re interested in it i will post it. function TaxiLights(offset, value) -- TaxiLights prüfen und LED schalten gfd.SetBright(GFT8, 0, 12) TL = logic.And(ipc.readUW(0x0D0C), 8) -- Wert prüfen ob TaxiLight ein oder aus sind if TL == 1 then gfd.SetLight(GFT8, 0, 1) else gfd.ClearLight(GFT8, 0, 1) end end function SetTaxiLights(model, unit) -- Taxi Lights ein/ausschalten gfd.GetValues(model, unit) if gfd.TestButton(1) then -- prüfen ob Hebel für Taxi lights Wert true hat ipc.clearbitsUW(0X0D0C,8) else ipc.setbitsUW(0X0D0C,8) end end event.offset("0D0C", "UW", "TaxiLights") -- Abfrage ob Aktion bei Lichtern event.gfd(GFT8, 0, "SetTaxiLights") -- Abfrage ob Aktion bei Switches
  10. Hello i don´t know whats wrong with my cofiguration. I want to set one Switch of the GF-T8 modul for starting or shutdown the APU. If i use the T8 switch nothing happens. In the logfile i can see this if i use the switch of the T8 modul 579419 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=109, Btn=2, Pressed 579419 [buttons] 5=P109,2,C66705,0 579419 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=66705, Param=0 580059 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=109, Btn=2, Released 580059 [buttons] 6=U109,2,C66704,0 580059 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=66704, Param=0 and this if i use the APU switch in FSX by clicking with the mouse 582524 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66704 (0x00010490), Param= 0 (0x00000000) APU_STARTER 583444 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66705 (0x00010491), Param= 0 (0x00000000) APU_OFF_SWITCH What can i do to get the switch work with the Goflight modul?
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