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  1. Pop, Try using Tripods Superscript to assign VRS SH radios. Due to LVARS used with SH, direct FSUIPC assignment will not provide desired end results.
  2. Don't mean to butt-in, but, the recent iterations of TS3 provide you with a functionality to "directly" assign a joystick button to PTT. You don't really need to map a key combo. This new functionality is very nice tweak. Just sayin'
  3. .....and the thread is on my 'watchlist' for when both of you churn up some new magic, :???:
  4. Pete's away on holiday mate. Am sure he will get back with you as soon as he returns.
  5. Good work Paja. During the initial days of my cockpit build, I had used a 'test script' that interfaced my Leonardo board with FSUIPC using LUA. But, it wasn't my script. I can't write code if my life depended on it :) May I recommend for you to head over to http://hornetpits.org/index.php where a gentleman called Tripod has done a considerable work with LUA scripts and its interface with FSUIPC. He was also experimenting with Arduino sketches and LUA and I'm certain both of you might many interesting notes to share with each other. Cheers, Mickey
  6. I'm using one BBI-32, along with three BU0836X and a couple of Teensy 2.00+ boards for inputs in my home pit. Am using all the available pins, including, as you put it, 'Slot No 1'. Never faced any issue with it. Just sayin'
  7. and a dedicated Ground, as also a +5V connection. Between them, these provide 8-way POV functionality. Leo's firmware is necessary only to flash the boards to use Rotary Encoders. No other program is necessary to program the POV joystick. I'm using three of these boards in my pit. No issues at all. Haven't used a Digikey, so can't comment on that. Mickey
  8. ivans71, Graham is right. In your own interest, you really want to remove those details from an open post.
  9. Awesome pit Pete. Very impressed.
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