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  1. I can confirm this, although i have an other type of failure (disconnect), wich might relate to the LINDA software....it occurs when i press much on the buttons. Regards, Ben
  2. You are right John, no disconnects when not using LINDA. I will go back to Andrew. Thanks again. Ben
  3. John, In my case of disconnecting throttle axis and buttons (now and then) i find out that when opening the Axis tab in FSUIPC and moving the throttle for 1 mm it reactivates. The yoke and rudder never disconnect, but the button on the yoke that i assigned in FSUIPC7 do so (at the same time the throttle is deactivated). Can you have a look at that? (Because Andrew from LINDA does not seem to recognize the problem). Thanks, Ben
  4. Thanks for the tip, i checked that and still found three that where tiocked, don't know how come but disbled them. Don't know if that caused the problem though.....i will find out.
  5. I have done all the power settings, but i will check if any update reverted them, thanks.
  6. Flew half an hour with only FSUIPC7 and disconnected LINDA. No problem at all, so i will move over for my disconnections to the LINDA forum. Thanks.
  7. Just had all controls disconnected, all axis, all buttons..... I will try another flight running only FSUIPC7, without LINDA. In the FSUIPC.log no remark about any disconnect.....seems indeed has something to do with LINDA. Keep you informed.
  8. Just did a 20 minutes testflight in the C208, i am using the MCP Combo II Boeing style with Linda software. The throttle disconnected when Linda reconnected, opening the FSUIPC7 axis tab and moving the throttle reconnected it. In the log there was no sign of a Failure (none at all). After reconnect it kept working. Regards, Ben
  9. Same kind of issue here, after a while the throttle disconnects. Bringing up the Axis tab in FSUIPC7 and moving the throttle seems to reactivate it. This is in a Turboprop, in an airliner i have only one engine on the throttle.... Regards, Ben
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