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  1. Hi. Got it sorted! Had to install another hard drive and assign it the original drive F drive letter that the original installation was done on, copied the backed up MyTraffic folder to it, which then allowed me to uninstall and reinstall MyTraffic to drive C. Deleted the simobjects path in the FSX.cfg. Entered all the paths within the communicator, then manually added MyTraffic in the scenery library within FSX splash screen, and I now have traffic again! Phew! Terry
  2. Hi. I had MyTrafficProfessional 6.0A running fine until recently when I had to remove the hard drive where the original installation was. When I try to install, or uninstall, I get an error message "MyTraffic" is not a valid short file name. I had a copy of the original installation, so I copied MyTraffic into the FSX folder, and amended all the paths and added the scenery to the scenery.cfg, but I get no traffic. The communicator will not run from the start menu, but it will run from within the MyTraffic folder in FSX. The main problem is that I cannot do an uninstall
  3. Hi Burkhard. Actually, P3D turned into a nightmare and I have given up on it and gone back to FSX! I had just bought 2 X GTX 970 cards to replace my 2 X GTX 650 cards, and wanted to try P3D out! One immediate problem that I came across was that I found out that my 650W power supply was not man enough and the computer would shut down very soon after take off. I have now bought an 850W power supply. I then bought the P3D version of the PMDG777, which did not run at all well in P3D, on my system! FPS and VAS usage was horrendous, compared with FSX, and I got micro stutters and popping c
  4. Hi Burkhard. After many hours of trawling the guides I finally found the error! The path in the simobjects.cfg file was wrong! It was showing Path=C:\MyTraffic\Aircraft. I changed it to Path=C:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Aircraft and I now get loads of aircraft! I did turn off the P3D default aircraft also, as per the guides. BTW, now that I do actually have traffic in P3D there is no difference in fps and VAS between FSX and P3D with identical settings. Both are more or less the same with 25-30fps and 2400 VAS used, with FSX maybe just winning by a tiny bit! Scrolling the
  5. Hi Burkhard. I am getting really wound up now about this! I have tried ALL the guides I can find on here but I cannot get any traffic to show up in P3D! I do not know if this means anything to you but I will describe exactly what I have come across and done. 1st, the download from simmarket does show 6.0a, but I did not have the "manage.dll" showing in the communicator, until I downloaded and installed the 6.0a patch! But I still do not have any traffic showing in P3D after adding that! I did edit the world scenery file to off also, but that then even lost the 2 aircraft th
  6. Hi Burkhard. I spoke too soon that MyTraffic V6 was working in P3D! It is not! In FSX I get lots of traffic showing, but in P3D I only actually have 2 of the exact same small aircraft sitting next to mine, but no other traffic at the airport (Heathrow!). I followed your guide to the letter, adding the scenery.cfg line, and disabling the default AI, and adding the scenery "MyTraffic" to the scenery file, but I get no AI at Heathrow! Help would be appreciated! Regards. Terry
  7. Hi Burkhard. I suddenly realised that I am running the PMDG777 in FSX, but running the QW757 in P3D (way too expensive to pay again for the P3D version of the PMDG777 (what a rip off eh!)). So I installed the QW 757 into FSX to do a proper comparison. With all the exact settings in both FSX and P3D, with the same windows open and same traffic, I get 18fps in FSX and 30fps in P3D. VAS usage also drops from 2,600 in FSX, to 2,200 in P3D. Indeed, it is strange that you have massive performance problems with P3D! From all the posts I have read about P3D, nearly everyone has noticed a per
  8. Hi. Got it working fine in both FSX and P3D! I do not know how or why though! I did a complete uninstall and reinstall, only configured FSX 1st in the configurator and tested it, and it loaded aircraft fine this time! Massive frame rate hit though! With MyTraffic 2013 I was getting around 25fps at my default location and aircraft, but now I only get 10fps! Same settings as before. Lowering the traffic density down from 25% to 20% did give me an extra 3-5 fps, but 15fps is too low to actually go flying! I then configured P3D in the configurator. No traffic showing, but I did ev
  9. Hi. I have looked over all the posts and tried to follow all the guides, but something is obviously seriously wrong in my install process! I have previously used MyTraffic 2013, and that worked fine in FSX, but I have just upgraded to P3D and I have just bought the V6, which does not work at all in either FSX or P3D! The 1st thing that I have noticed is that I do not seem to be getting the correct opening screen (I get what appears to be the old MyTraffic 2013 screen), and the traffic builder does not execute! I am guessing that there is some hidden registry entries from my
  10. Hi Ian I did make my apologies to Volker earlier, but I will apologise again. Obviously I did misunderstand what Volker had said. Thanks again for stepping in and helping me to get around the problem. I have been editing quite a few airports now, using Burkhard's MTX BGL files. They all show the new ILS in FSC, and test flights show that they work, and have approaches. Unfortunately, not all FSX airports are covered in MTX! I have found a few "missing" ones, which I wanted to edit, but I cannot, because ADE obviously writes BGL files, taken from "stock" FSX airport files, that
  11. Hi Ian P. Isn't it a minefield eh? Yes I can confirm that my whole FSX is on "w" drive, which is a mapped "drive" on my network, as per the "RED" warning instructions in FSC! It is not only the scenery that is shared. Anyway! Whatever I have done does work! We all know that FSX is seriously flawed! We all strive to make it better! Sharing info, and helping each other is the way forward. That is why I got so upset by Volker not "helping"! We should share info. Talk it over, and then make things better? Personally speaking, with your info and help, I have made
  12. Hi Ian P. Thanks for the explanation. I had a look at the scenery.cfg, and sure enough, the area 120 (add on scenery) is at the bottom! That is where ADE places the "new" edited airport, and from my understanding of ADE, it then automatically disables all other same name airports? Maybe just moving that area 120 to the top of the scenery.cfg is the easiest option? Then any airport I edit (whether stock or MTX), will be seen 1st, and processed by FSC? Ah! But from what Volker said, the ADE file that is produced when editing a stock FSX airport, is unreadable? I am a little confused sti
  13. Hi. Further update! Did a reboot, and now the PMDG 777 works! Loaded LEBB, and it seems to work fine! Phew! But big thanks to Ian P! It seems that he has sorted the problem! Edit the MTX BGL file, and not the default FSX BGL file! No disrespect to Volker, but he should have known the problem and told me that? Ian P. You are a superstar! If anyone else sees this post, then you have actually solved the problem! Wow! You are good! How on earth did you figure it out? All I can do is to shower with praise. I apologise to Volker, and to tinpusher.
  14. Hi. Update! I followed what Ian P suggested. I used ADE to update the MTX BGL file. Now FSC shows the new ILS! Yay! Thank you Ian P. Oops! Spoke too soon! OK! Here goes! I use the PMDG 777. It worked fine, until now! All I have done is to edit the MTX BGL file, which now also shows the new ILS in FSC. But! The PMDG 777 does not now load! Choosing any airport, my PMDG 777 does now not work! It loads, but it does not "initialise"! Ugh! Why? Fixed 1 problem but now I cannot use my PMDG 777! OMG! LOL! If I manage to fix it, I
  15. Hi tinpusher and Ian P. Ok! Let us get something straight! Volker (and yes Volka was just a typo!), in exactly the same way that he made a typo, quote "You've made changes to this files LEEB*.*", when in fact it was LEBB! Anyway, what he told me was, to me, "not easy"! I have absolutely no idea what it all meant! I did not understand it at all! And it was only a statement, with no mention of how to solve the problem! Volker, and you, may understand what he said in his reply, but I did not! It was just a load of nonsense to me! My problem has not been solved! I am going to "bash aroun
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