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  1. Thanks Elaine, very easy to follow and helpful. Thank to your post I discovered that MyTraffic was compatible with P3D v3.4 !
  2. Hi, May I suggest the management team to update the ads referring to this product... I had to question my friends to know about the compatibility of MtTraffic with P3D version 3... In SimMarket it still states that it is compatible with P3D v2 Thanks for the future customers Regards Bruno
  3. Bonsoir, After having purchased and installed P3D, here is my new configuration that works perfectly: FSC is installed on a computer and connecting to FSX through my network via WideFS FSX installed on a SSD of a separate computer Now I have installed P3D on the computer where FSX is installed but on separate SSD. Therefore I can launch either FSX or P3D through a dual boot. My question is: How to use FSC with both simulators ? What happens when FSCDbManager has scanned FSX files and then is requested to scan P3D files ? Are the scanned data stored separately or data are replaced ? Is it possible to store the scanned data of each simulator in separate folders and load them based on the starting simulator? What is the trick to succeed in my wish to use FSC from either FSX or P3D ? I hope my explanation is clear and I expect to get some ideas or solution from you, guys Thanks in advance Bruno
  4. Hi Volker, I could solve the issue, only with an once of reflection :???: I am running FSC on a separate computer and the one where FSX and relevant folders are installed was unfortunately not switched on :oops: :oops: :oops: Sorry for having bothered for that... :mrgreen: So guys, do not attempt to save a Flight Plan in the folder of a down computer :mrgreen: Regards Bruno
  5. Hi guys, I am experiencing a problem while attempting to save a Flight Plan that I have created in FSC. After I clicked on Save (or Save as) in the menu, I have this message:"Run-time error 76. Path not found" And immediately after, FSC crashes. Can you help? Thanks Bruno My system: 1. FS X Deluxe SP2 2. FSUIPC* / WideFS paid 3. FS Commander V9.6 Rev 1 / Database Manager v2.6.0.157 4. SimMarket of the AIRAC Cycle 1601 5. Download version from website 6. Operating System (Windows 7/64)
  6. Thanks for your quick reply. I confirm that the file was downloaded from the Schiratti "Dowson" page. I sent a mail to the 360 Total Security team and I'm waiting for an answer.
  7. Hi Pete I've just downloded both FSUIPC and WideFS to upgrade my system. But once I launched the install FSUIPC4.exe file, my virus scanner (360 Total Security) detected the folowing malware (HEUR/QVM18.1.Malware.Gen) and now I am forbidden to continue unless I move this file from the trusted zone. What also worries me is that Avast did not detect it... What is your advice? Thanks in advance Bruno
  8. Hi Pete, First of all, thanks for your answers. You're right, most of them are FS related and I'm sorry for that. I have updated to 4.929, and it is fine. 1. For the Parameter option, it became clear once you explained the Pushback 1 (left) and 2 (right). I tried and actually it reacts (but not really as I would...) 2. Without any action from my side, once FSX was reloaded today, degrees and speed were properly incremented with an appropriate value (< 10...) 3. Same 4. For the Course, OBI did the job. Sorry but it was not obvious for me :oops:. I did try so many possibilities (NAV etc... ) except OBI 5. For Pushback Left and Right, I did use the Key Press option referring to the keyboard, and that works fine... So again thanks for your extensive help...I need now to concentrate on the flaps, spoilers and throttles by following the "user Guide"... Best regards Bruno
  9. Hi, I am running a registered copy of version 4.90 :razz:. I am trying to program my FSX through FSUIPC. After downloading multiple tutorials and user guides, I could succeed in many assignements but I'm now facing some situation that I am unable to find an explanation for :oops:. 1. In Buttons and Switches, it is pretty clear except the role and "way to use" the Parameter option associated to a FS Control button. 2.. While assigning to my Thrustmaster MFD Cougar the control "Heading Bug Inc" and "Heading Bug Dec", the steps are by 10 degrees. How to adjust to 1 degree when [button pressed] and more when [repeat while held] ? 3. The same question raises for Altitude and Speed Inc / Dec ? 4. What is the control to assign the Course Inc/Dec function ? 5. For Pushback I could find the control. But I would like to assign the Left and Right Pushback as well... What is the control ? An additional question related to the flap control assignement: I strictly followed the guide to set the 7 detents of my E-175 Feelthere but when it runs, the flaps lever jumps from 1 to full and return to 4 and 5... Is there a reliable and accurate user guide explaining the adjustment "for Dummies" ? I know that all my questions may appear simple to you, but few days of Web investigation and multiple reading made me turning quite crazy... Merci in advance and congratulations for your work and your availability to assist guys like me. Bruno
  10. Hi Gents, I just spent some time trying to find the answer on the forums, but unsuccessfully! If you know where the answer is, just lead me. Now my problem: I have purchased and installed both FSUIPC4 and WideFS7 according to the help file provided.Installation has run without problem. I am running FSX from the server with W7 and the client from a notebook with XP. When I launch WideClient.exe, I get stuck with an empty panel "...waiting for connection". Attached file 1 is the .ini file (renammed as txt) The Path shows the folder FSX Utilitaires that I have created on the client, but no idea where the sub folder Sound comes from! Attached file 2 is the LOG file (renammed in txt): The line 3736 refers to the FSX Utilitaires where the file Initial.LUA should be! How to get it there? The connexion process looks fine. FSUIPC is not installed on the client. Should it be? I am sorry to be so ignorant, but I would be grateful if someone could help... Merci Bruno WideClient.TXT WideClient LOG.txt
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