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  1. Dougal

    Back Home:-)

    First off, this is not a request for support, it's simply a HELLO and a thank you! It feels great to be BACK in here after years of being 'on the dark side' in XP11 and without FSUIPC. I gave up on Microsoft sims some years ago when I defected to XPlane, but now I have FS2020 installed and can once again return to my trusty companion that is FSUIPC, and have it do all things properly:-) I nearly fell off my chair when told I could buy this again for FS2020:-) Pete Sir, you have been around for as long as I can remember. You and I probably don't like to remember just how many years that is:-) Returning to FSUIPC is like 'coming home' for me, and even better to see John's name there also! GREAT to be back! And thanks to ALL concerned in keeping this truly GREAT product alive and kicking.
  2. Found the fault Pete! HARDWARE!!! Most unusual. There's something wrong with the main USB ports on the motherboard. Thankfully, whatever the issue, its only affecting the main ports, and not the extra onboard ports. I had to update the BIOS to accept a new i7 7700k chip, and now realise, that's when my problems all started. Trouble is of course, I can't roll it back as then the chip isn't supported. I've contacted Asus, but you know what they're like at implementing stuff on older boards (Z170). Some things will work correctly on those USB ports, but not all. Thats why it was hard to track down the issue.
  3. Yea Ha! I can now use FSUIPC to control all my aircraft once again! Frustratingly, it ended up requiring a COMPLETE re installation of Windows and P3D to cure the problem. I ‘THINK’ the problem was within the Windows USB control environment. It really isn’t until one has to do without it, that you realise just how important FSUIPC is. Ho Hum…. Now I just have reinstall all my addons……
  4. I guess i probably knew that as i've never had an issue actually caused by FSUIPC itself. I must have something conflicting with it, but god only knows what:-( I'll stick with X-Plane for now until I find the issue....
  5. Hi Pete Sorry about that. I had the answers done and thought I'd done a 'copy & paste' but obviously forgot the 'ctrl-V' ;-) The problem is spread evenly between the two quadrants. Not 3 axis as I first thought, but four; axis 1 & 2 on both units. They are both USB (not PS2) and independent of each other; each being plugged directly into a separate motherboard USB port. No hubs in use. The issue is both in the calibration and axis assignment tabs. Within FSUIPC, the same levers always act exactly the same way, behaving just like the pots themselves are damaged. They definitely are not. They’re almost new, and function perfectly outside of FSUIPC which doesn’t make sense does it. Never thought to keep the old ini file:-( and only keep backups of C (Windows) and D (Data), so no FS backup. Need another HDD for this.
  6. I'm hoping this new log will tell you something;-) I hadn't realised just how much I take FSUIPC for granted. I'm really missing the profiles. FSUIPC5.log
  7. This is really strange. I’m still having this issue and not able to use FSUIPC at all for assigning or calibrating the Saitek USB throttle axis. No problems with joystick axis. This all started after a Windows and P3D reinstallation. I have two USB (3 axis) throttle quadrants. All controllers are disabled within P3Dv4. There are no conflicting commands within FSUIPC. Three of the six axis will not operate smoothly. As you said before Pete, they ‘act’ just as if there are conflicting assignments, but there are not. When assigning, calibrating and using the quadrants outside of FSUIPC, they’re fine, with no jumping around. I’ll attach the log and ini files again just in case you can see something I can’t. I’m pulling my hair out with this as I’ve never experienced anything like it before. FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.log
  8. Hi Pete Yeah it does doesn't it. If disable them completely, I have to set up a way of using the HAT switch I don't like. All my previous installations I've done this way but I guess the latest P3D doesn't like it. Still, I'll go that route and see what happens...... joy.cpl is the app in the windows10 system for calibrating controllers. I hear Stoke got it pretty bad with the winds last week. Is all well? PS Thanks for replying on sundays;-)
  9. Been off flight sim for some time and now finished reinstalling all my flightsims; P3Dv4, X-Plane 11 and DCSWorld etc. Having major issue trying calibrate or use my two Saitek throttle controls, using FSUIPC5 in P3Dv4. If they weren't almost new, I'd say the pots are dirty. That's just how they're behaving within FSUIPC. They calibrate and operate smoothly and perfectly in Windows10, using 'joy.cpl'. There's also no issue using them directly in P3D, or the other flightsim programs, but once I disable the axis within P3D and attempt to calibrate with FSUIPC, they jump around and become unstable:-( I normally setup numerous profiles in FSUIPC, which is why I use it. It's also a new Windows 10 (x64) installation. No Saitek drivers are installed. This is a new one to me, so if anyone have any idea what might be going on, I'd be most grateful. log attached FSUIPC5.log
  10. I've been using FSC for many years, and whatever other planners I try, I always come back to my favorite I expect i know the answer, but can FSC be made to work with X-Plane?
  11. Would it cause FSC any problems if forced to use a single or separate CPU by an affinity setting? Seems a shame to have multiple CPUs sitting near idle as the flight sim tops out core 0
  12. Ooops! Thanks Pete. I'd downloaded the latest, then promptly threw it away and was trying to use the old one (sheepish look). Just think of all that spare time you'd have if it wasn't for people like me;-)
  13. Should MakeRwys work in P3Dv3? I get an error when trying: 'Failed to make runways CSV files' and 'Failed to make FStarRC RWS files' Thanks
  14. Now using: [Programs] RunIF1=READY,CLOSE,"C:\FS ADDONS\OpusFSI\FSISERVER.exe" and so far seems to be working 100% cheers Pete
  15. Cheers Pete I'll try the RunIf. Interestingly, the 'close' command WILL work. If I've launched Opus manually, the: Run1=CLOSE,"C:\FS ADDONS\OpusFSI\FSISERVER.exe" does close it
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