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  1. so be it..I consider myself censored I mean why reply in an adult way when ya have the power to stifle your critics Good Show Pete..nice to see the REAL you.
  2. If thats the case why can't lock and unlock my panel windows as I use to do before..or why can't I map my controls for reverse thrust as I did before...I don't see how either of those two properties of your program are dependant on other payware addon's. Again ya asuume Pete and ya know what that does. I have been around the flightsim scene at least as long as you and I think you also need to get YOUR facts straight 'fore ya make comments I know your contruibuion and am not trying to belittle that what I'm saying is lose the attitude we don't need it and ya don't need the crap that comes with it. If your gonna be in a buisness as ya are then ya gotta expect the good with the bad. I see you mention ya make very little..Imagine how much ya could make if ya where polite and respectful to ALL ppl..as anyone who uses FS is a potential customer for you. You expected something different, ya take, as I said, an addon we in the community have used for quite awhile now and start charging for it...I mean really Pete ya seem like a very smart and mature person, I can't beleive ya expected different. Ya make it so we depend on it that we can't use most pay addon's without it and then ya start charging us for it.. come on Pete ya gotta expect ppl are going to respond to that and not always in agreement with you. I don't see any errorious facts as most is opinion...but Pete ya make $$ off both ends.. the addon producer who ya charge to connect to your little dll and the FS user to have full use of it as well. Nasty? Unfriendly ? Well now isn't that the pot calling the kettle black...some advise.. get off your high horse and act with some respect Pete.. don't bite the hand that ya want to feed you..that being the Flightsim Community. Stop with the "woo is me" so ya have had a tough time since ya made your Modules Payware get over it..and STOP taking it out on everyone. maybe another old saying might lend you some help " Can't stand the heat stay outta the kitchen" or in a buisness sence., "If ya can't run with the big dog's maybe ya need to stay on the porch" In essence buisness is buisness and ya made that choice when ya took this module and started charging for it. Either do buisness or don't but ya can't have it both ways. Your product isn't unreplaceable.. If I did buisness like you I wouldn't have one..something maybe for you to think about. You say that you don't make much..maybe its your lack of respect for the customers in your potential market for your product that is holding you back.
  3. pay special attention to the "want", seems to me that with a comment like that your in this for yourself and whatever ya can get out of the flightsim comunity. Sorry but like you..just telling it like I see it Maybe he's not a customer and even if he was I bet he isn't now. He's not the ONLY person that reads this forum though and I would suspect the arrogance and attiude you have started to show will turn more then just one off doing buisness with you. Customer Service Pete..its the name of the game. Ya seem to want to make $$ of this as ya took it from freeware to payware so hang-up the tech hat and put on the learning hat and maybe take a sales course to learn how to effectivley deal with customers. Word of mouth advertising can either bury ya are make ya succed and we all know that word travels FAST in the FS community. In closing Pete I'm sure you re getting tired of ppl complaining that ya took a very needed freeware addon AFTER we had all become dependant on it and made it payware. But thats part of doing Buisness the way you have Pete take the good with the bad. But being a buisness man myself I also know that arrogance and attitude will cost ya. Remember the old saying Pete, "Treat others like you yourself would expect to be treated."
  4. I undertsand for various reasons why someone would take a freeware product and go pay with it.. for some its just economics.. others its a buisness venture, free society was born on free enterprise. We as consumers have several choices if your not intersted in paying for something you have always gotten for free then there are options. Develope something similar yourself and make it free ( that will happen in this case I'm sure) pay for it and respect the hard work that someone has put into something , again some will do that in this case. Wait a cpl weeks..someone else will develope a similar project for free. This is the internet after all I would assume that Pete will make some $$ off this but in the long run someone will develope another similar addon or addon's and then it will be free again. Is Pete cutting his own throat by going pay...only time and the receipts will tell.
  5. I have Simflyers CYYZ scenery which is very nice but I'm curious how I make mytraffic AI compatable with it as its not ion the Thirdparty list
  6. I have Simflyers CYYZ scenery which is very nice but I'm curious how I make mytraffic AI compatable with it as its not ion the Thirdparty list
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