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  1. Hello, I'm using FSUIPC with CFS1. Most of the things I use work fine, but I cannot use the throttle variable on position 0x088C. Also FSInterrogate shows a '0' on that location when I'm flying with a definitely nonzero throttle. So alltogether it looks like this value is on of the things that is not working properly with CFS1. Is there anyone out there who succeeded in reading and writing to the throttle variable, with a certain trick or whatsoever? Greetz, David
  2. I'm trying to use FSUIPC for CFS1. For as far as I used it, most 'standard' variables can be accessed. One of the most interesting things is of course to know the locations of other planes, both enemies and friends, and other targets. Does anyone know if this is possible with FSUIPC? Are there more people who use FSUIPC for MS CFS 1, 2 or 3? Greetz, David
  3. Did somebody succeed in writing data to the elevator control input this way? I have been able to read from 0BB2 and also to write to certain other variables, but a write to 0BB2 does not seem to affect something. Greetings, David
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