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  1. sorry I have been a mistake 5.3b my already uninstalled and installed again I will test
  2. All airports have forever black aircraft as the textures have more than seven of every aircraft. This situation just happened to me now cuz everything was always ok
  3. picture http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/4201/i9yf.jpg
  4. upgraded from 5b to 5c .... and as I said appears some black aircraft which previously nothing appeared everything was ok 5.4b to 5.4c
  5. I did the upgrade now appear alguna planes black how can I fix this situation ever happened to me?
  6. I find nothing that I can help just got a solution to uninstall the entire FSX
  7. not find the file ----- TrafficDataBaseBuilder. exe
  8. Yes ..... I have the file but does not appear nehum traffic at airports in no .... even when I go to My Trafficc Communicator stressed that appears in the picture please help me 'cause he had worked very well huge traffic and now nothing help me please When I open the My Trafficc Comuniccator appears above in red "not yet copied TrafficDataBasebuilder!" what I do and how do
  9. I have got FSX and My Traffic 5.3b I updated to FSUIPC 4.82 and now My Traffic is missing help me
  10. I found the file "BR2_LPMA.madeira" ... what should I do? John
  11. I'll try to explain as best as possible. LPMA Airport (Aerosoft Addon) Aircraft Traffic. eg I have two aircraft of Traffic to make the runway and then take off .. but what they are in queue waiting to enter the track but after a time disappear without being seen rolling down the runway and lift ... simply disappear ... I tried on my bad English to describe what happens to me. Again I repeat scenario LPMA (Aerosoft) and aircraft of My Traffic Joao
  12. You do not see the aircraft to lift out of the sleeves and just go to the start of the track to disappear without a roll out at the track and raise I think I described the best possible. Joao
  13. Well the first was to confirm the suggestion, I have not seen so I opted for duplicate files second tip after this change went again and this time the LPMA earonaves all neat in a row ... now what I noticed was they were stopped three ATR to start the take off and not leave after a while the first ATR disappears ie it was not until the end of the runway to lift something is wrong but I do not understand how to solve this case ... please help me Joao
  14. http://img829.imageshack.us/img829/7339/trafficlpma.jpg Help me Please note the LPMA figure what is going on with my traffic ?????????? Help me Joao
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