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  1. I guess it will remain a mystery. But at list we solved this one...
  2. Ok, an update. Since Matty post https://forum.simflight.com/topic/88367-speed-constraints/ I managed to do some testing. I deleted all FSUIPC configs and made a new profile and it seems to fix the GtS issue. I still need to test at EHAM , tested in LLBG (TLV) both 170 & 190 and all was great.
  3. Did anyone had the same ? Should I re-install ?
  4. This is the E190. Didn’t test any other model.
  5. Hi, First flight I had violent pitch up, testing it again aircraft just loses it... Here is a video to describe.... Attached saved files as requested... Ejets3 LOC GS .wx Ejets3 LOC GS .fxml Ejets3 LOC GS .cust
  6. Is it just me or the wheels are sunken in the ground ?
  7. Is this going to be fixed ?
  8. Of course. It loading just fine. I’ll try to figure whats the issue later on. If someone else encounter same issue please advice.
  9. Just bought the whole package... I used E-jets since FSX, P3Dv4 and now this renewed version... I'm unable to load a flightplan from P3D planner using LOAD FS FPL and I'm receiving an error "FLIGHT PLAN IS INVALID" Flightplan is loaded with other a/c with no problem (PMDG,P3D), I never had this issue using previous version.... Please advise.
  10. Sorry to read that 😞 Please let the community know how it goes and thx for effort !
  11. [Cpflight modules + PMSG NGXu'] Dear Peter, After installing last update I was able to get my Cpflight hardware to work again excpet the Cpflight Rudder trim moudle. I guess it might be due offset missing ? I have no idea and appreciate your call. Thx Ittai.
  12. Anyone ? I purchased this software and it doesnt work...
  13. Hi, I've purchased TOPER 777 but can't use it... After fiiling all boxes when pressing "Calculate" I get an Error. Tried on 2 diffrent Pc's and same...
  14. When can we expect FCR vNext ? And will it be free upgrade to FCR owners ?
  15. Hi, Will it work on a remote PC like other programs do ? Thanks.
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