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  1. Bolar492

    Tower!3D Pro - Problems using dual screens

    Are you running the windows as administrator. I know when I had this problem by those windows as administrator it fixed the problem Bolar492
  2. Bolar492

    Problem with Update 3.1

    Managed to get a full hour in at KATL with no problems, so I hope it’s fixed now. thanks for your input.
  3. Bolar492

    Problem with Update 3.1

    Hi Delta, thanks for the reply, I will check it out next time and let you know. Alan
  4. Bolar492

    Problem with Update 3.1

    Hi, Just updated to 3.1 and loaded up KATL. I chose the 07.00 hour and everything ran fine until around 07.10 when the program started to slow down, and after a couple minutes was impossible to play. Also, when aircraft landed on 8L and exited the runway at Taxiway C, I would give the Taxi to Terminal command and get the readback, then it wouldn't move. This also occurred for all planes that landed. I tried to exit them at Delta but got unable to from the pilot. Has anyone else had these problems. Alan output_log.txt
  5. Bolar492

    Tower 3D Pro hangs when loading airports

    Hi Ventura, I checked the folders and it's the same as above. I don't have Steam and download from BMTMicro. Alan **UPDATE** Problem has been solved by uninstalling KPHX & Real Traffic. Reinstalling fixed the problem, everything now appears to working correctly. To those who offered help...Thank you Alan
  6. Bolar492

    Tower 3D Pro hangs when loading airports

    Hi Wayne, Yes, I did the update as well. Alan
  7. Hi, I have just downloaded and installed KPHX and RC for KPHX. I fired up Tower and then fired up KPHX. It got as far as 81% and, although the arrow was still revolving, it stuck at 81% until Windows shut the program down. I rebooted my computer and loaded a different airport but that stuck at 81% also, as did all the other airports I tried. Everything was working fine until I installed KPHX today. I have attached log file, hope it's the right one. Thanks, Alan output_log.txt
  8. Bolar492

    Cannot move windows to other monitors

    I already did that, so hope that is the fix.
  9. Bolar492

    Cannot move windows to other monitors

    Hi Wayne, I disabled both Windows Firewall & Defender, and also shut down Malwarebytes. I fired up 3D Pro with just the program and no addons. It appeared to work fine, all the mmWindows opened correctly and was able to move them to the other monitors without any problems. Vic says there should be logfiles for the mmWindows but I have never found any, and even with the A/V's shut down there are still no logfiles. I will now start installing addons and see what happens after each install. Alan
  10. Bolar492

    Cannot move windows to other monitors

    Right, I am getting really fed up with this issue and the infrequent responses I am getting from Feelthere I have done everything they have instructed me to do, but still it doesn't work They keep asking for logfiles from the mmWindows after running them individually as administrator. The problem with that request is there are NO LOGFILES to send. I have now just uninstalled everything to do with Tower!3D Pro, and any registry entries as well. I then did a clean install of 3D Pro, hoping that would fix it. Was I being stupid to think that might do the trick??? Well, the same thing happened, and now I don't know where to go with this as Feelthere don't appear to be interested in this problem. So, C'mon Feelthere, get your thinking caps on and get this problem fixed. Alan
  11. Bolar492

    Displays to dual monitor issues

    Hi, I have the same problem with a 3 monitor setup. Still waiting for some kind of response from Feelthere. With my problem all 3 windows do disappear. I have tried reinstall but that had no effect. Good luck getting yours to work. If you do manage to get it fixed please let me know what you did. Thanks, Alan
  12. Bolar492

    Cannot move windows to other monitors

    I reinstalled sp3 and there is no difference. Alan
  13. Bolar492

    Cannot move windows to other monitors

    Do I need to uninstall all the addons too? Alan
  14. Bolar492

    Cannot move windows to other monitors

    Any chanced of some help Feelthere... Alan
  15. Bolar492

    Cannot move windows to other monitors

    Hi Ventura, Thanks for your suggestion, however I am already running it on a second HD. Don't know what else I can try, except reinstalling everything yet again, which I would rather not do. Alan

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