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  1. which version are we talking about here, Ejets V2 or V3?
  2. I have been away from flightsim for a while and decided to check whats going on today. Very sorry to hear you are having health problems Burkhard! I wish you a good and healthy 2020!
  3. Hi there, I just noticed a new version 3 of the Ejets Embraer has been released for P3D. Any change this is going to made available for FSX or FSX Steam edition as well? Or maybe feelthere stopped supporting FSX/FSX SE altogether? thx for any info.
  4. you should buy the STEAM version of the Ejets at the STEAM website. I got both as well. one version for FSX boxed and another for FSX STEAM. However, switching from FS2004 to FSX or starting from scratch with FSX STEAM..... If I were you...before you start buying things for FSX STEAM or FSX boxed,........I would switch to P3D v4! (that is if you prefer FSX/P3D over simulators like Xplane etc....you could switch to that as well of course).P3D V4 is another version of FSX which has just gone 64bit which means it is more stable than FSX. FSX boxed and FSX STEAM are still 32bit :-( An installer for the Ejets into P3D V4 64bit is being made at the moment. If I find the time I will switch to P3D V4 (unless Steam goes 64bit as well)....latest at my next PC build.
  5. I would not uninstall steam. Maybe the Ejets package...but not the whole of FSX and STEAM. If you do reinstall the Ejets, Make sure you install with virus scanner off. I am sure we can figure out what the problem is...let us know how things go.
  6. should work just fine with AP. I also use STEAM, no problems at all. It almost sounds like your AP and joystick are fighthing each other. Can you try pulling the joystick USB out and see how the AP works then?
  7. haha, yep pretty critical flight. You are correct, the Ejets seem to have different engines but pretty cool that you are getting those realistic speeds and performance out of FSX....I am impressed that the aircraft stopped with 15mtrs to spare....that is really good for a simulation! By the way, for a take off that is this critical, you should set take of thrust with brakes set and then let go of the brakes (no rolling take off). Recalculating with that I can actually take off with 41.540Kg from R09 and 41.300Kg from R27 (with slightly higher Vspeeds)
  8. I ran some real world E195 software. At 18C and 1013 QNH, no wind, the E195 with 18.500LBS of thrust can take off from: Runway 09 with max 39.670Kg, Flaps 4, TO1 no FLEX, stop margin 0 Mtr and results in 90.86% N1 V1 110kt, Vr 115kt and V2 122kt Runway 27 with max 39.900Kg, Flaps 4, TO1 no FLEX, stop margin 1 Mtr and results in also 90.86% N1 V1 110kt, VR 115kt and V2 123kt So in either case max thrust is achieved at 90.86% N1....it can not/is not allowed to do more than that. In both cases a real life aborted take off at V1 is a very close call and it sure would not look like you could make it due to the non existant stop margin....but you could make it ;-) You can also throw away your brakes after that and call the fire department :-)
  9. Hi there. Although the Ejets Embraer is fun to fly, there are many things that are not simulated realistically/correctly. So as long as simple autopilot/Lnav/Vnav/etc behavior is not updated, I think it is too much to ask for realistic N1 values in the Ejets. But to answer your question: In the real world: The required TO thrust for a specific runway is calculated depending on ambient conditions (temperature/wind/etc), aircraft weight, runway length and obstacles in the area. The interesting part about the required performance calculation is that with the calculated FLEX setting (which results in a certain N1 setting) it must be possible to lift off and clear obstacles even if one engine fails at V1! So knowing this you should not have a problem taking off from London City with 95%N1 in FSX as long as you do not have an engine failure :-) In FSX: I have not tried London City in FSX but you can use Flaps1,2,3 or 4 for take off. Just experiment until you find a flaps setting that lets you lift off quick enough while not reducing climb performance too much (In FSX you can experiment...in the real world not). As far as 100% N1 concerns: 100% N1 is the absolute rotational limit the rotors should spin at (to prevent damage). But there are other engine limits like temperature and max rated thrust (which is the max power (for example 18.500LBS) the engine can produce without causing damage). Depending on ambient temperatures , 100% N1 rotational speed could give more than max rated thrust (on a cold day) and thus N1 must be reduced to 99-98-or maybe even 95% N1 to keep the produced thrust within limits. I don't know at what temperature you are taking off and I don't know what kind of logic Feelthere has programmed into the TO N1 calculation. So I cant say if those 95% you are seeing are in fact the max N1 for the real world engine under the same conditions or not. To get max thrust, first of all, use TO1 in the MCDU (not TO2 or TO3). TO2 and TO3 are called "derate" and basically tell the engine to reduce its maximum output (even at full throttle) to extend engine life. Second, try toggeling FLEX OFF at TO1. And third, you can try increasing the outside air temperature in FSX and setting this temperature also under MCDU/TO Dataset/TO temp. See if increased temperatures will give you more N1 (but do understand that you could be having the same amount of maximum thrust (18.500LBS for example), just at a slightly higher N1 (96 or 97% or whatever). Last but not least, page 59 of the Ejest manual mentions that your joystick or thrust levers must be full forward for the simulation to achieve its full thrust. Hope this helps. Ps if I find the time then I will try and see if I can 100% N1
  10. The Embraer for P3D...cool! I dont have P3D yet....but if this is an updated version of the Embraer, then I will definately switch to P3D! thx for the info!
  11. At the Wilco website I found this: An unofficial unsupported forum can be found at http://forum.simflight.com/forum/169-feelthere-support-forums/ where you can communicate with other customers.This is not an official technical support forum. This link brings you HERE! So he is in fact at the correct forum and although FEELTHERE might be willing to help him, there might be other customers with the same problem that can discuss it here and come to: a) a solution, or b) the conclusion there is something wrong with the product so they can fill out a WILCO support ticket. A moderator simply chasing simmers away from their forum defeats the purpose of even having a forum!
  12. Yes...as soon as you press the VNAV button you get CLB thrust. Better said: as soon as you change from the TO (take off) mode to any other vertical mode (VNAV/VS/FPA/FLCH) you get CLB thrust. If you dont want CLB thrust in 1000ft, but for example in 1500ft, then you must wait with changing from TO mode to VNAV mode untill you have reached 1500ft. Note: The acceleration height (AGL!) can be programmed on page: PERF/PERF INIT/DEP ARR SPD/
  13. Hi there, Yes, in the real airplane it is possible to tune another DME (a not collocated DME) into the second line just below the Nav1 active frequency. This feature is called the "DME HOLD" feature but it is not incorporated by Feelthere. If you press LSK 4L (or 4R) twice in the real aircraft, you the get a totally different radio page where you can turn on DME HOLD and enter the frequency of the DME. Feelthere has made the second line a "frequency pre-select line" only :-( The best you can do in this case is programm the ILS frequency active in NAV1 and the separate DME frequency in Nav2 and use both PFD 1 (for Loc/Gs indication) and PFD2 for the DME indication. Hope this helps.
  14. Although I have not used P3D yet (only FSX boxed and FSX Steam), I too am thrilled about P3D V4 since it is a 64bit simulation now. FSX Steam is doing quite nicely and stable as well though and I only use the boxed version as a back up right now. Since I fly the Embraer in real life I offered to help out (about a year and a half ago) in case an update was being considered . The reply was polite but along the same lines as here on the forum...thanks for your interest and willingness to help...we are thinking about it but are working on other projects at the moment. I truly hope the aircraft gets the update she deserves! The Embraer is a real interesting mix of Airbus and Boeing Phylosphy and should appeal to anyone, especially those who have already tried either Boeing or Airbus or both.
  15. I have another problem with the STEAM version of this airplane :-( Under FSX boxed version, this airplane is added in the main FSX folder in a Feelthere subfolder. Also, in the SIMOBJECTS folder under Aircraft, there are the FEELTHERE PIC E195 folder and FEELTHERE PIC E175 folder, both with their respective aircraft.cfg files. This is a good thing and everything works fine. Including creating camera views with OpusFSI for this aircraft!! Under FSX STEAM, this airplane is added in a different folder: steamapps/common/FSX/DLC/364324 Inside this folder I see the SIMOBJECTS folder (which is used by OpusFSI to create camera views for an addon aircraft) aswell as the FEELTHERE folder (and some other stuff). I dont think the SIMOBJECTS folder should be inside this DLC folder/364324. And I dont think that a new SIMOBJECTS folder should be present either. Because in the boxed FSX as well as in the STEAM version there is already a SIMOBJECT folder under the FSX root folder. And inside this SIMOBJECTS folder is where the aircraft.cfg file should be for each and every FSX aircraft! So that addons like OpusFSI can find the aircraft and I can create views for it. Now, as things are installed in non standard folders in the STEAM version I can not use OPUS FSI to create camera views for this aircraft :-( OpusFSI just does not see this addon. So my question is....is my Embraer istalled in the correct folder or did things go wrong on my end? or, if things are supposed to be this way, can you change it?.....make a new installer perhaps? or, if you cant do that, can I go into the STEAM/steamapps/common/FSX/DLC/364324/SIMOBJECTS/Airplanes folder and move the two folders that I need (FEELTHERE PIC E195 and FEELTHERE PIC E175) to the main SIMOBJECTS folder under FSX root? or will this screw up the whole addon and cause it to work no longer?? thx in advance for the support.
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