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  1. I got it pretty much after it came out, but I also have latest update too..
  2. Taxi Light is really dim, can hardly see it.. If Possible even make it like an LED lamp in the Nose Gear. As I have seen them with LED lights.. But it does need to be brighter, it is very dim, ended up having to use landing light in its place just so I could see where I was going. It was that dim..
  3. I notice Dome light only works during, Night I feel as if it should be made to work independatly and should be able to work any time you flip the switch for Dome..
  4. All UALX. but different feeder companies.. RPA, SKW, EXPRESSJET, Messa..
  5. P3D 4.3.. No Addons, just using what came with the ERJ 145.. Yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled
  6. All the ERJ series have no Beacon lights, No Nav Lights the Red and Green lights on wings. No Strobe lights.. None of them are working..
  7. can you move it too the right spot please..
  8. ERJ are not providing Nav Lights or Red Anti Collision lights or Red Beacon..
  9. Did anyone notice when they install the Mytraffic 5.4c that it kind of distorts scenery, the part of the building where jetway connects to the building becomes missing ?
  10. If we already have 2.3, do we have to buy it again or just upgrade or upgrade at a discounted price ?
  11. Anyone can help me I'd greatly appreciate it.. Have Mytraffic in P3D 2.3 but whether its 2.2 or 2.3 I think this issue has to do with mytraffic setup of itself & seeing I'm brand new too it, could use alittle help.. I had no issue with this in UT2 the regional traffic always seemed to go where they needed too.. In mytraffic does regional recognize ASQ, CHQ, SKW, TFC LOF ASH by there airline codes or do they go just by UALX ?? I have AFCAD for KIAH built the way it really is in real life but have mytraffic & I see them park all over the place including C terminal when they should be in B & possibly A terminal only while the mainline goes to C & E terminals & possibly at times D terminal but mostly C & E while the express except for Shuttle America TCF that goes to C-24,C-25 C-26, C-27 gates all the other express ERJ's & CRJ's go to B & A terminal..
  12. Hi, my name is Bill I downloaded the demo that you guys have too try out and when I went too remove it, the way it said too delete it, I had a problem, now everytime I go on too flightsim2002 it comes up with an error saying its missing out of the Scenerydb/Mytraffic??/??? area.136?? something like that what do I do too get that file back so I don't keep having that error come up? Bill
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