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  1. Hi, version SP1 here too. Same issue. Tried shif+e+1 till 5. Everything opens but the catering service door.
  2. Nice work Feelthere, thanks! I already bought it and i read about the limitations. Anyway, here i make a request to at least make it compatible with dinamic lights for night flights. Only this, please. :) Thanks again.
  3. Hi guys! We made a package that updates some of Brazilian (BR) Airline Companies to current colors. We updated just the repaints, not the flight plans. But at least, it makes MyTraffic6.0a more up-to-date with what we see in brazilian skies today: - 737-700 Gol -737-800 Gol - A319/A320/A321 LATAM - EMB195 Azul - Atr72 Azul - A330 Azul - A330 Avianca - 767 LATAM - 777 TAM Download link: ATT.BR.MyTraffic6a.08.2017.rar Go get it!!!!
  4. Hi! I´d like to ask the devs about this: i saw that KJFK was released for T3D. My copy is bought thru Steam. So i ask: can i buy and use KJFK from Feelthere WebShop in the steam version or it´s better to wait the formal kjfk steam release? If the option is wait for steam release, when it´s programed to be available? Thanks.
  5. Right, good luck them trying to deal with your problem.
  6. What? Your question is almost incomprehensible. Tongass Fjords has nothing to do with mytraffic. It´s another addon from other developer. If you delete this BGL´s will not create any effect with mytraffic at all. The .bgl files from mytraffic are inside it´s own folder. Usually xxx:\MyTraffic Professional\MyTraffic\Scenery About the folder that contains the file TDX.exe, it´s the main folder of Mytraffic. I think you should better read again the MT6 manual, because if you´re not seeing any aircraft, you probably missed a step in it´s instalation. Here is a very easy ster-by-step instalation process: http://www.avsim.com/topic/483116-how-do-i-install-my-traffic-60a-for-prepar3d-v3/ It´s for P3Dv3, but for FSX is almost the same thing. Good luck.
  7. Finally! Update SP for Steam users got live.
  8. The red message doesn´t have anything to do with the lack of MT traffic in the sim. It has to do with the capacity of compiling new traffics if you want to change something in it, like the historic traffics available in MT. SDK from P3Dv3.3.5 can provide the missing file mentioned. Anyway, read the MT manual is in order. It brings everything you need to know to do this. About the lack of MT traffic, there are precise steps to install MT6a. The manual delivers what it´s needed. But in case you´re finding it diffcult here is another tutorial (for begginers) to install it: http://www.avsim.com/topic/483116-how-do-i-install-my-traffic-60a-for-prepar3d-v3/ Follow it step by step and you will see your MT traffic. I´m using it here in P3Dv3.3.5 and FSX Steam without any issues.
  9. Any news on the patch for steam users? The sim is shelved untill this happens. What´s the big deal happening with this sp? If DTG is not doing their jobs, why Feelthere don´t release a patch to Steam users out of the Steam enviroment until DTG goes out of the inertia? I think Feelther needs to care about these users too. Thanks. Can i install the service pack available in the Steam version of the game?
  10. What Dovetail has to do with Tower3D? I assume you´re talking about Steam. The content build in Steam is 1145629. Please Feelthere, do you confirm that it´s the latest version?
  11. Hi Mr. Burkhard, it´s me again :oops: Just to inform you that LAN and TAM (South American airliners) joined forces and now they are called: LATAM They are the BIGGEST airliner group of South America now. Here is the new livery: Their fleet is already changing: Thanks for the nice work!!
  12. One way to do this without messing with polygons would be doing the effect thru the texture. Put the jagged bits on the nacele´s texture. Not perfect but acceptable.
  13. Hi! For charts of this airport you can look at: http://www.aisweb.aer.mil.br/?i=cartas(Official brazilian gov. air service) Enter in the search box: SBSG and click on "OK". The chart ADC SBSG shows the general set of the airport but without the parking positions yet as they are not published officialy yet. As soon as i get this information, i'll let you know. There is already a good freeware SBSG for FS if you want to see: (Virus free tested with Avast) http://es-cenarios.blogspot.com.br/2016/03/cenario-de-sao-goncalo-do-amarante_24.html Some screenshots of the scenery can be seen in here: http://www.voovirtual.com/t40726-lancamento-aeroporto-internacional-governador-aluizio-alvez-sbsg In the site flightAware.com you can track the flights to the airport: http://es.flightaware.com/live/airport/SBSG Thanks!
  14. Thanks!!! It worked! Just to let you know, a major airport here in Brazil was deactivated. SBNT (Natal Airport) was deactivated and another more up-to-date airport took it´s place (t´s a new airport, started operations in 2015): Deactivated: SBNT (Augusto Severo intl.) Activated: SBSG (Governador Aloisio Alves intl.) In SBNT there is only GA, military and charter flights from now on. Only commercial flights and new GA flights are deal by SBSG from now on. (The same flight schedule from old SBNT) This is just for your information and maybe a correction for future patches. Just letting you know! Thanks again!
  15. Mr. Burkhard, may i ask for the night textures of Azul Linhas Aereas Ejets? E190 and E195. (The ATR´s already has night textures) Thanks a lot, good work!
  16. In the BETA ZIP file there is an .EXE file "MTXU60abeta4.exe", an instruction PDF file and a Folder called "MyTraffic" witch has 574 files. The question is what to do with this last "folder". I assumed it was put in the BETA by mistake and i just ignored it. Just ran the EXE file inside the zip.
  17. I asked that here: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/80152-mytraffic-60a-public-beta/page-3#entry486542 But no reply so far :oops:
  18. Hi Mr. Burkhard, thanks for the new beta. Maybe a foolish question but in the zip besides the .EXE and the PDF file there is a "MyTraffic" folder. Is that to be installed too? The PDF don´t mention this folder. Thanks!
  19. Mr.Burkhard, now i´m the one confused. I installed the patch AND the the update. Can both be installed?
  20. Saw only today: Saw the ABSA 767 too. Thanks a loooooooooooooooooooot!!!!!!
  21. 1th feedback: comunicator function "Localize P3dv3" don´t dind anything. IF i put "Localize P3dv2" it finds my p3dv3 folder. Will investigate more.
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