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  1. Hi Volker, A happy New Year to you and I hope your 2018 is a great year. FSC is an amazing program that just keeps giving. I am sure my use of it only scratches the surface. You and Sascha must have had some long nights and very understanding wives creating such a program. Yes, the waypoint window and the use of the status bar is great as it identifies the fixes and their coordinates and obviously, there can only be one of the name required in the vicinity of the airway or the location you are. Volker, did you answer my question regarding mixing the route, if so, sorry, I d
  2. Hi Volker, Thanks for the quick reply, as usual. I understand that the OK button only works correctly when I have Departure airport>waypoint>airway>waypoint>destination. Ummmm, GO IT..page 40 of the manual, Right click the waypoint and it appears in the flight plan, Save As and then when that flight plan is reloaded, the manually inserted waypoint is there. So, does this now mean, the OK button can not be subsequently used if you then revert to waypoint>airway> after manual waypoints?for example: Departure airport>waypoint airway>waypoint>airway>way
  3. Hi Volker, I have attached three pics one shows the flight plan just above GOSPA with the line darting off. Second pic shows the finished flight plan with a fix added by me. Third pic shows FR27 actual real world route. My method of building a flight plan. 1. Open FSC. 2. Select the default EDDK from Airport selection box. 3. Flight Plan, New. Flight Plan box appears. Make sure a High Alt and Low Alt are selected. 4. Insert into the blue box YMML NZQN, OK 5. Yellow box now shows YMML and NZQN airport selection 6. Make a space between YMML and NZQN in the blue box 7. Insert int
  4. Hi, I am creating a flight plan YMML-NZQN. All goes well creating the approach into RM23 at NZQN until I encounter two waypoints with the same name in different parts of the world. I can see on the FSC flight plan map the way point I want, a fix called GOSPA but when I insert GOSPA in the flight plan string, the flight plan diverts some 7850 Nm to an Int of the same name. I looked at the manual to see if I can convince FSC, but could not find. I ended up placing a manual fix(fix10) which seemed to work on the FSC map. Yet to see what happens in P3D. When I manually set up a fli
  5. Thanks for the quick replies Volker, I have recently flown to Europe and inputting the flight routes. When I use the autorouting, it makes a pretty good job of it and yes, saw where it understood the directions of the airways. ^^^Yes, I understand that manually inputting a flight plan route takes a bit of manual searching etc, but is fun. On my last RW flights last week, I took many pics of the on board camera in detail, and using FR24/Flightaware, I can get the route pretty close. So, when I see an airway with <<T853, this means the airway travels right to left, and wher
  6. Thank you Volker, YES...that is the reason...I was forgetting about one way airways. That also explains why some times my flight plans may fail when I try and build a route and inadvertently must be using an opposite direction airway segment. OK, more care needed. Later Question....Is there a way we can determine what direction an airway is from the airways displayed in FSC. As some can be two way and others directional one way only at a specific altitude range? So, if I am building a route, do I have to use an enroute chart? Regards Geoff PS I was at EDDK a few weeks
  7. I have been away from flight sim for a few months and seem to have lost the magic of route creation. I am using FSC 9.6 rev 7 on a win 10 machine using FSX-SE, Airac 1701, and have both High Alt and Low Alt selected on the flight plan box and trying to work out where my 'logic' is wrong with creating a airway route...eg: YBBN SMOKA Y177 CS YBCS. The route between Brisbane(YBBN) and Cairns (CS - Intersection) has an airway (Y177) that connects the two though many intersections etc. When I input the flight route mentioned earlier, and select OK, it always removes the Y177 airway. Howev
  8. Hi Volker, you are correct. I read the update files attached to the download FSC 96 rev 9, which only has the updates to 9.6 Rev.8 attached (well, all I could find) So, I stopped looking (first mistake). I did not read the earlier versions of the Supplements well enough to see the common issue of where LM had now placed the Scenery Library in C: (second mistake) and the final mistake was to not look at the FSC.pdf manual and understand, all P3D setups had the same issue with scenery libraries and I would have seen? I needed to go to the C:\ drive. So, yes, you provided plenty of information. I
  9. OK, with a bit of searching through older posts, I found a post that had a similar issue, so, for me, C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4. The database manager worked straight away. So, this fact has been noted on the FSC directory. Geoff
  10. Hi Volker, P3Dv4, No FSUIPC, No network, FSC version 9.6 rev 9 build 7 download from FSC, AIRAC as per P3Dv4, Win10 64 bit updated, 1 monitor. I have just installed the full version 9.6 Rev 9 Build 7 for my new install of Win10 P3Dv4. I do not have FSX loaded on this machine. I am trying to run the FSC Database Manager. I have selected, in my case...E:\P3D as the Flight Simulator Path. The Select Scenery Path did not automatically point to the Scenery library as my previous FSX system used to. So, what file am I trying to point the path to? I have tried E:\P3D. I am obviously mi
  11. Thanks for the reply Pete, much appreciated. And, yes, exactly has you said. It just looked strange when looking at the same load, but different output in a Win7 and a Win10 system(which I have yet to better understand its security etc)
  12. I have makerunways installed on my Win7 FSX machine, (single load) and works great. But, when I tried to install it on my Win10 FSX-SE machine(single load) instead of creating csv files, like on my FSX machine, The steam machine creates Excel files and wonder if this is a Win 10 security issue not giving me sufficient permissions? I have no idea on Win10 FSX how to configure admin rights. Geoff
  13. Sorry to hear of your medical problems Burkhard. Take good care. In many instances where no underlying cause is found, then rest from too much stress will help. MT6 will be supported by 'proficient' users of MT6 to help out with most problems. So, have a break from coding and repairs and maybe drift by here once a week or so and see how that affects your arrhythmias. MT6 works very well. Geoff
  14. Hi Volker, I could get the various enroute waypoints into 5 parcels, Need to redo them into departure/enroute and arrival. I just need to work out how to: 1. Restrict the waypoints to only VOR and not VOR/Intersections..I did see a method I think in the manual, so will give this a try tomorrow. 2. Stick the whole lot together? cut and paste does not work. Still trying to understand Chapter 5.6...will get there. The more you use this program, the more things you find it can do..Very clever programming by you and Sascha Regards Geoff
  15. OK Volker, With a bit of reading, I see in the manual, page No 57 where I can create a VOR to VOR plan using the Navaid feature. It seems that I have to build in sections, and have 5 flight plans like I mentioned above? EGGL - LGAV (EGLL LYD BNE CMB XERAM ETN PHG LHR ZUE DEGES VALAV TNT VEN TULIK PLA LOS ZRA SPL HUM KLP TAZ TRN UNDER PINDO PIKOS STF OMIRO LGAV ) LGAV - VABB...Highlght LGAV and select Navaid..LGAV MKN LRO DAL LRA GZP VESAR LTK SALIM 3538E 3440E RAPLU SILBO ULIMA SETSA PEBAD MAH BRG TOTNO JRM LORIX BND RUKOT SEVDA CBH JI 2463E 2365E LADOT 2267E NOBAT JUNIA 2071E 1972
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