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  1. Very interesting reading as I too am having issues with a X56 throttle following a clean reinstall of windows. I'll report my findings once I run through John's good advice in this thread. Stephen.
  2. Thanks for the swift response John. I have since cleaned my registry and manually assigned numbers to the controllers now I understand how that works. All controls are now being picked up. Cheers
  3. I should say xplane and windows are picking up all my controllers.
  4. Afternoon folks, With FSUIPC6 I am getting issues which I reported before whereby my USB controllers are disappearing from the assignment page. Example, I had an issue before with the Throttle, deleted the references in the registry and its sorted. Now load up P3D and the pedals have the same issue. Don't remember this ever being an issue in previous versions, it worked seamless. Any ideas. Some files attached for info. Thanks. Steve. HidScanner.log FSUIPC6.ini FSUIPC6.JoyScan.csv
  5. Hi John. I deleted all references in the registry to the throttle and plugged it back in. Sorted. Cheers.
  6. Afternoon Reinstalled P3d 4 and 5 and setting up 4 at the moment. Windows and P3D see my X56 throttle but fsuipc doesnt. Any ideas why this could be. Thanks. Steve.
  7. Hi guys, Probably been asked before but can I leave a perfectly working V4 with the old version on fsuipc and only install the new version 6 in p3dv5. Dont want to risk breaking my old version of p3d. Thanks Steve.
  8. Hi folks, Currently use a sidewinder for all airbus on P3D v4.5 and it works good. I would like to seek advice on making the sensitivities smoother as its quite erratic and not as smooth as the other sim I use.... Tried slope curves but this seems to help a little. Any recommendations. Thanks Steve.
  9. Hi Folks, Reinstallation going well apart from FSUIPC wont let me register. It says there is a more recent version then the registration page does not come up. Greyed out with I go to Fsuipc within P3D. Any thoughts. Thanks S
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