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  1. is it a candy wrapper on the tail? :mrgreen:
  2. Thanks Mate. Flipping vertically did the trick :cool:. P.S. Perhaps this old Topic could be pinned in the forum? It took me ages to find it and was quite helpful in the end.
  3. Can I confirm the steps I'm doing? 1. I'm converting the bmp to a DDS DXT1 file (Martin Wright's DXTBMP Utility) 2. I'm using one of the BHP B763 texture folders which I backed up 3. I replaced the existing B763-t.dds file with my B763-t.dds file and kept all the other *.dds files which were there I must be missing a very important step somewhere because I end up with this: What am I doing wrong? :oops: Thanks for your patience and help.
  4. Thanks Burkhard. Could you please recommend a tool for converting to DXT1? I see there are several around. Tkx.
  5. Hi Hopes it's okay and correct to use this old thread. I would like to try and do some aircraft painting myself. I have used a template (B763_t.pdn) and made my paint and have two questions. 1. If the engines are a solid colour do you paint one by hand in Paint.net and then make a copy and flip horizontal for the other engines? 2. What are the next steps I need to do so that I can preview my work in FSX on the AI Model? Thanks in Advance. Chris
  6. I've just tried it with default scenery and whilst the a/c hold short when crossing RWY10/28 gridlock still occured frequently. I tend to think that LSZH is just one of those airports where it is very difficult to simulate and correctly manage the runway configurations. I know in real life it's a nightmare so I doubt it's possible to achieve anything workable in a simulation. I saw landings on RWY32 which in real life never happen. There were also repeated *simultaneous* take-offs on RWY28 and RWY34. I think I'll pick another airport which has a more conventional runway, taxiway and terminal l
  7. Hi I'm getting repeated Gridlock and Runway incursions at LSZH where Taxiways E and F cross RWY10/28. Aircaft are not holding short and try and cross in both directions on E at the same time causing a huge traffic jam. Is this a problem with how MTX is programmed, a scenery problem (I use Aerosoft LSZH) or just a limitation of FSX and AI traffic management? Thanks in advance for the help. Chris
  8. When they operate Air Berlin flights they use the "Air Berlin" callsign. Example: BER2088 LSZH-GCRR HB-IOW When they operate their own flights they use the "Belair" callsign. Example: BHP3992 LSGG-BKPR HB-IOZ
  9. Disregard my post. I don't why I can't find BHP A319, A320s in the MTX system but HB-IOX just taxied past me at LSZH :oops: . Sorry. MyTraffic --> Airline --> Manage --> Air Berlin --> Edit --> Known types for this airline --> A319-BER1 and A320-LTU1 --> Registrations :idea: okay so they're not listed under BHP but under BER. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BHP (Belair) are still showing in 5.4b as operating t
  10. The paint job on the RAF VC10 is absolutely stunning. Compliment!
  11. I'm glad there is an explanation why the VKG A333s out number the SWR wide bodies at LSZH :razz: .
  12. TaipanX

    RAF C-17

    The current texture for the RAF C-17 is rather "unfortunate" :???: . Firstly the squadron emblem on the tail is from the Australian RAAF 36SQN C-17 (a rearing Horse) and has nothing to do with the UK RAF 99SQN C-17 emblem (a Puma salient). Everything else appears oversized and misplaced from the wording "Royal Air Force" to the a/c number which should be on the nose but is halfway down the fuselage under the wings whilst the UK Flag which instead of being above the main entrance door is behind it. Please load the model C17-RAF1 and compare to it this picture on Airliners.net - you'll see wh
  13. Hello I tried searching this forum to see if the error in 5.4b had previously been reported but did not find a reference to it. In the A333 Config file there is a small error where the SWR and VKG a/c use the wrong (each others) textures. It's easily corrected by hand but I though I should report it so it could be corrected for the next release. Best regards Chris ...Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\MyTraffic\Aircraft\A333MX\sim.cfg [fltsim.7] title=A333-Mypaint07 sim=A330 model=WideFSX-Trent texture=My08 atc_airline=Swiss ATC_PARKING_TYPES=GATE,RAM
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