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  1. As i understand FSUIPC axis need to be assigned as normal axis not direct for PMDG I am going to assign normal axis and fly again. :) Hope normal axis setting resolves nose up issue even only apply to me Thanks Pete for the detailed explanation
  2. PMDG supporter said just delete fsuipc.ini and fly with default setting on P3D V4 So i delete FSUIPC.ini file and test flying nose up happen or not As a result, There is no nose up while descending from cruise alititude. That's why i am here to ask about FSUIPC I have one more question Usually, I assigned axis "Direct to..." in FSUIPC but you said that ... Generally you need to assign to FS controls in FSUIPC, not to the "Direct to ..." ones. what do you mean "assign to FS controls" is that a specific menu? could you please explain more in detail or leave a link for related web page? I have asked about this issue to Activesky hifisim may caused by turbulence and PMDG, FSUIPC People who are supporters of their product said they don't have any issue about this kind of problem Next step I am going to test PMDG747 , Leonardo MD82 , AS A320 which even i don't have model now but need to get one for testing Anyway, Thanks pete kiwon kim
  3. I already unchecked controllers option for p3d v4 disabled and then set FSUIPC for flight . that’s all i did it what am i doing wrong?
  4. Hi I am using FSUIPC for P3D V4 installed latest version ※ My system is hotas warthhog and saitek rudder pedal I am struggling with NOSE UP PMDG737 NGX while descending from cruise altitude here is my youtube video https://youtu.be/QX5Yvjm-dpg ☞ Event time: 5:50~ aircraft nose up abruptly and out of control ①Abruptly, yoke pulled over and nose up ② disengage VNAV finally , out of control Even i didn't press and touch any system and keyboard at the moment The plane was just descending with autopilot mode When i am flying with controllers setting on P3D V4 not FSUIPC, It donesn't happen Please help me

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