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  1. Can anyone tell me if LINDA detects a microcontroller as a device through the COM port. I have programmed it with a switch program but from what I've read in the manual LINDA it only detects the MCP Combo only. Can anyone tell me if there's something else (like a software or a RS232 program for communication)....
  2. But would I have to get a registration key of FSUIPC to run LINDA??
  3. Thank you Henry for sending me those links...I intend to use LINDA now....but I still don't get how my PC will read the micro-controller as a gaming device because from the examples that I read they've used commercial joysticks and throttles who already have their drivers...and I'm integrating all the controls inside the cockpit via the micro-controllers....
  4. Guys I've programmed a microcontroller with codes of switches and joystick,but i'm still stuck on how it will interface with the FSX. Can anyone please help me with FSUIPC....I still don't know how to use it for integration.....
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