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  1. @ OP, If you would bother to tell us your OS for example... :-( Why don't you at least post your specs? Are we supposed to guess? Have you tried to do what the error message told you to do, move sliders to the left? And great effort, Kambiz. Cheers and kind regards Jaap
  2. FYI-2, you can always 'crossgrade' to the simMarket edition by purchasing the incremental update: http://secure.simmarket.com/product_infts_id=2485 That also entitles you support here at simFlight. The Aerosoft support forum is here: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/viewforum.php?f=22 Cheers and kind regards Jaap
  3. Hi there, It's most likely a operating system/FSX issue, google for 'FSX out of memory error'. Alternatively, you could make a screenshot of the error message or indicate the exact text? Kind regards, Jaap
  4. Hi Jim, please see my reply in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=65849 Kind regards Jaap
  5. Hi Jim, I have a feeling we're facing a fundamental software prob. FWIW, my suspicion is some bits and bobs of the DotNet (DN) frameworks are missing. FYI-2, you'll need MS DotNet2 to make MyTrafficBoard display properly (in MTX v.5.1b). Now, you mentioned you installed DN3, but did you install DN1 followed by DN2 beforehand? It's important to install the DN frameworks in their order. MyTraffic 'only' requires MS DN1 & DN2. Kind regards Jaap
  6. Hi, In addition to Ian's words, you should be able to launch MyTrafficBoard via a desktop shortcut (simMarket version only). If that shortcut isn't there, make a desktop shortcut of the 'MTB.exe' in MyTraffic\MyTrafficBoard. To modify the traffic showings, launch MyTrafficX(.exe) - the MT Editor - in the MyTraffic folder, maybe after having a look at the MTX Editor manual in MT\Manual? Kind regards, Jaap
  7. Hi gtassasin, It's likely the aircraft don't show because the aircraft.cfg doesn't have the right pointers. As for the A24 model, it's an older one and will be replaced with a FSX model in due course. For now, I would recommend to restore the default MTX files and start over again and either add the Sandim model from scratch, or use the MT model. Please note many MT aircraft.cfgs are modified to suit MyTrafficBoard. Kind regards Jaap
  8. Hi Mucjoki, Unless something is mistaken, either should work. Which OS are you using? Cheers and kind regards Jaap
  9. Or, install FSX SP2? I definitely see less of this happening with SP2, only the initial 24R flights sometimes don't make it down in time. Kind regards, Jaap
  10. Thanks Saheike, Most likely it's a simconnect error, the link in my previous post (as of Philip Shaw's notes) has some solutions. Hope this helps, kind regards Jaap
  11. Hi Saheike, Did you try downloading the ca 10MB update via MT-Com? If you did and the error is still occurring, please have a look at this thread, starting with Philip Shaw's post (post #9 ca): viewtopic.php?f=4&t=68196&start=0 Good luck and kind regards Jaap
  12. Hi PPO, They indeed sometimes come in high on 24R (mainly right after starting FSX), but all of them eventually landed on my end. After a while however, they come in at normal altitudes. Which FSX SP are you using? Cheers and kind regards Jaap
  13. Hi Erik, I'll attach your revised FSX.cfg, please note there's still a double GPU entry remaining inside. I would remove one of the GPU entries. The scenery.cfg doesn't reflect MTX was added to the scenery library. Did you add it and move the entry to in between 'Addon Scenery' and 'Propeller Objects'? The dll.xml has a double toolbox entry, one pointing to drive C, the other pointing to D. Here, please remove the entry with the wrong path. Hope this helps for now, kind regards Jaap fsx.cfg.zip
  14. Hi Boing, First off, there are likely far too many departures around 00.15h Another common reason for no shows, is, that a minimum turn-around (ground) time of 45 minutes is needed for the flightplans to compile. Kind regards Jaap
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