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  1. Does FSUIPC support the full functionalities of Virpil joysticks / throttle box? I just purchased the devices from Virpil and am having issues with MSFS 2020 acknowledging the full range of throttle up / throttle down motion set up within the Verpil's proprietary software; this is probably due to the current lack of full support by MS 2020 of Virpil's hardware 'out of the box'. I was able to input all entries, except for the full functionality of the throttle, which jumps from idle to full RPMs and does not allow the gradual progression of the engine power, while in game, although throttle c
  2. Dear Forum admins, Last night, I downloaded (successfully) a registered copy of FSUIPC4, based on a suggestion from my brother, who has been telling me great things about the software. I am going through the User Guide and understand that some functions require accessing the .INI file from the Modules folder. I do have the Modules folder, however cannot find any .INI file on my PC... If the software downloaded successfully, why can I not see that file? I ran a search in Explorer but that file is nowhere to be found... I restarted FSX, my PC, and then back to FSX, still nothing... please,
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