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  1. Spokes (Roman?), a million happy new years! I tried 170 but found it insufficient so I tried a little unrealistic 200 and it works just like the real thing. Your a real pro. Best wishes, Pat Manley :razz:
  2. Pete, Hope you had a good holiday. I'm using Windows 7 x 64, FSX, SP2, and Level D 767. I'm using Saitek yoke, rudder and throttles and a MS Sidewinder Joystick set up to control the nose-wheel steering using FSUIPC v4.9 direct to steering. I've calibrated the steering to give full travel left and right and tried various settings for the steering slope. The rudder pedals are also calibrated in FSUIPC direct mode and all FS axis functions are disabled. All works as expected except for one thing! I can't get sufficient steering lock to carry out a 180 degree turn on the runway without running onto the grass. In real life, (twenty years ago) this was always possible with care and a some power on the outside engine. Is it possible to increase the steering angle of the tiller? I've had a good look at the FSUIPC User Manual and Advanced Manual and can see nothing obvious, but don't understand offsets (if these are involved). Nothing in other posts seem to cover the steering angle. I understand that the tiller really controls the rudder, so the actual rudder deflection can't be altered, but would love to be able to do a 180. I did wonder if altering the "SteeringTillerControl=0" in FSUIPC.INI could be the involved. Level D suggests that I alter the steering angle but makes no suggestion as to how I do so. If you can suggest a way, I'll let them know. Cheers, Pat Manley :razz:
  3. Pete, Thanks a lot for this. 'Send Direct to FSUIPC Calibration' was the clue! The reverse does just what I hoped to achieve. Best wishes for Christmas, Pat
  4. Hi All, Please may I take this discussion in a slightly different direction? I have just bought Level D 767 and would like to achieve a more realistic operation of the thrust reversers (FSX). I have a Saitek yoke and throttle quadrant and a separate throttle quadrant. Would it be possible to programme four levers so that two are thrust levers and two are reverse levers? The reversers would be kept at 'max forward' for no reverse and the thrust levers used in the normal way. On landing, once the thrust levers were at idle, the hand could be transferred to the two reversers to progressively select reverse thrust. This would feel very similar to using the thrust/reverse levers in real life. Or am I being over enthusiastic? Thanks, Pat Manley
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