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  1. Holland_Holland

    Switching to UT2

    I use UT2 in P3D. How do I use your product to enhance my ai sound? I installed: Traffic3D_Sounds for Prrepar3D V1-2.exe into P3Dv3 simobjects folder Traffic3D_Sounds Tool Box.exe into P3Dv3 main folder First of all for an approx. 600mb file it's install time seems very short (1-2 seconds). Furthermore when I checkd e.g.: D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\SimObjects\UT2 Aircraft\73G. It's soundai folder contains a soundai.cfg with the following modified code: [fltsim] alias=..\Misc\Traffic3D_Sounds\Jets\AI_B737\Soundai However there's no such folder in D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\SimObjects\Misc. So what to do now?
  2. Hello, Hi I bought a subscription to AirNav FS Live Traffic. I also have MyTraffic Pro 5.4c, How do I use the two together? I understand that AirNav FS Live Traffic only uses a subset from Mytraffic (in it's default install). Or will I miss a lot of traffic when I use AirNav FS Live Traffic as I read that only major airliners are contained in the 'life traffic' based on ADSB data. Thanks very much in advance, Rob

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