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  1. Fascinating, all! This gives quite a lot to think about. I've been 'mentally' constructing things so far, but it sounds like it may not be as impossible as it seemed. At least I know that you can configure two yokes, and even if I can't get a mechanical linkage between them, I still can have them connected through FSUIPC and not cause a major FSX meltdown. Well, it won't be a 'next day' process, but thanks everybody for the feedback.
  2. Hello all: I was wondering if anyone out there has more than one of identical FS controllers on the same FSX setup? I found a used, but fully functional CH Products Flight Sim Yoke USB (original, not newer Eclipse) at a garage sale. I picked it up for $5, thinking of just using it for spare parts for my almost 10 year old same model yoke. However, I noticed the shaft that extends out the back has a convienient keyway, and I was thinking of installing both on my in-progess FSX computer setup, so I have the two interconnected by a chain/sprocket configuration, allowing a left-seat and right-seat experience. Before I do anything, I'd like to know if anyone in our FS world has ever had two identical USB controllers installed in FSX, and if so, does FS and FSUIPC recognize both as unique devices as far as assignments for the buttons, etc? I use a CH Products Throttle Quadrant, so I have the levers on my yoke not assigned, but I'd like to know if the buttons on the two yokes could be programmed differently. I haven't even tried to hook the garage sale yoke up at the same time with the old one (I tested it on an old FS2004 'puter for functionality), as I don't want to take the chance on 'nuking' my patiently assigned controls, both in FSX and FSUIPC. I'm looking forward to some feedback. Rob
  3. Oh, I stand corrected. Please don't misunderstand me...I'm not directly comparring My Traffic to PAI. I have been a supporter of PAI since it first launched, and even donated some $ earlier to help them out. I know that you have a MUCH more complete selection of airlines flying, and we appreciate that. Now, as far as Guam goes, I attached a web page for Guam, that shows the airlines that are there. I know you guys are just starting, but like I said a making a more realistic AI environment as far as locations for airlines would make My Traffic outstanding! Besides...not having to create *.bgl files for airlines that don't belong somewhere would be less work for the developers! Somebody had to create all those extra Southwest, US Airways, and America West (another wrong Guam visitor), and using published airline schedules would cut down on the extra files created.
  4. True, Guam is a US territory, but Southwest doesn't fly out of the continental United States. I know I have found other airlines that are out of place. Flying south between Tokyo to Guam I just did a quick 'chase view' of nearby traffic and found a B737-200 in US Airways colors! Now, all you have to do is check the US Airways webpage and you'll see that US Airways only International destinations are to the Caribbean and Europe. I also saw Southwest in central Canada yesterday (non-stop flight from Pease ANGB, NH to Andersen AFB, Guam), and I know that Southwest has no destinations in the North central section of the US, or in Canada (or ANY other international destination). I guess what I'm saying is that I saw the My Traffic program, thought that it did all that ProjectAI did, and was hooked on the fact that it was all encompasing (or planned to be), and especially the sound file upgrades. I know that you guys get your aircraft repaints from PAI. Maybe you should look into getting your airline schedule information form them as they seem to be very accurate. I had all the PAI files installed before buying My Traffic, and I never noticed any airline out of place for where it shouldn't be. Don't get me wrong...My Trafic is a GREAT advancement for FS2002. I just think that maybe some closer attention should be paid to getting the airlines at the correct destinations, IMH.
  5. I think more importantly it would make sense to keep the traffic to where it should be. I noticed some strange traffic (Southwest at Guam Intl., US Airways at Pago Pago Intl). I know it looks good to have a lot of different airlines in different locales, but I think having realistic airline schedules is rather important for the overall process. On the topic at hand, I think that maintaining current airlines by udating maybe every couple years is enough.
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