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  1. Well the problem got somehow fixed itself, now it all works great, thank you for the great response though. Also, I would just like to take the opportunity to thank you for the product, really an amazing thing. One more issue though, when trying to create some macros for the PMDG 777, it doesn't work for some things like individual landing lights. Is this a problem with FSUIPC that I should be asking here about or should I submit a ticket with PMDG? Thanks
  2. Hi, So I am trying to build a panel for PMDG planes and want to connect the hardware through Zero Delay USB Encoder and FSUIPC. The problem is that while for example FSX recognises this and shows "Button 01" or others, FSUIPC takes no notice of the input. My question is thus: Is it possible to do this at all or does FSUIPC not support Zero Delay USB Encoders? Thanks
  3. Well I already found out that is it possible, but I have no idea on how to actually do something like exporting the values of currently set ALT, HDG and SPD into a file. If anyone can provide a sample code would be hugely appreciated
  4. Hi, Just for the fun of it I decided to make myself my own autopilot panel, and I would love to make it similar to what it looks like on the B737. Since I fly mostly the PMDG B737 or B738, I was wondering whether is it even possible to actually retrieve the altitude shown on the autopilot, from an external add on like PMDG plane, so I can display it on a display on my autopilot panel. I have pretty much figured out everything else, I just need to understand a bit better the connection with external add ons and FSUIPC Thanks Denis
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