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  1. Thanks Burkhard, Much appreciated, Chris Porter
  2. ...I was wondering what was next on your list of priorities guys? Something else in the "MyWorld" series or further refinement of the MT series like more airports and airctaft/liveries etc? Cheers and all the best, Chris Porter
  3. Absolutely sensational Burkhard. Downloading the incremental update as I type. Thanks and best regards as always. Cheers, Chris Porter
  4. I have a 9800Pro which is a great card, but there are a number of driver related issues that are as yet unresolved with that card. ATI have released a number of driver updates, but the central issues of it not handling AA too well has IMHO not been resolved yet. Cheers Chris Porter
  5. How about Ansett Airlines in Australia. Cheers, Chris Porter Perth Western Australia MyTraffic's No.1 apologist :lol: :lol: Edit: Oops, you might have already done that one...
  6. I just wanted to say this in public... There has been a recent thread slamming Burkhard and his team for not dealing with the public in an timely and appropriate manner. A couple of days ago I purchased another of Burkhard's products and during the purchase process, made a stupid mistake which meant that over 24 hours later, I still had not received my passcode/security key. I discovered my mistake and communicated it to Burkhard who within a few hours had the problem sorted and I received the missing number in my mail. Strictly in the terms and conditions of purchase, they probably did not have to do anything, however the speed and manner in which the issue was dealt with is truely a credit to firstly Burkhard and his team but also to the sales support guys at the simFlight Network. I'm Impressed :D So thanks again guys and please note, I have no affiliation with this organisation, only that I am a happy customer. I would urge you all who have had a good experience to make that known. There are not enough bouquets and all too many brickbats... Cheers Chris Porter
  7. Jim, I am pretty sure that the guys do read and implement most of the wishlist items when it comes to delivering traffic at wished for airports. I know that many of mine have been implemented in the next version or service pack after my request. Cheers Chris Porter
  8. Yes, I guess it depends on what sort of bang you are looking for. Regional airports in Australia don't often have the heavies and it's great that MT has the GA aircraft as well as military a/c for those fields. Cheers Chris Porter
  9. At 20% AI traffic, I think that you will miss most of what MT deliveres so beautifully, that is, the ambiance around a busy airport. But to directly answer your question, I have only ever noticed a slight degredation of performance (1-2 FPS) and only at the busiest airports which is pretty good as I have my AI traffic slider at 95%... Here are my machine specs... Intel Pentium IV 3.0GHz (800FSB) Socket 478 pins CPU w/Hyper-Thread Technology MSI 875P NEO FIS2R, AGP 8X, i875P ICH5R Chipset with Gigiabit Lan Kingmax 512MB PC3200 Double Data Rate (DDR) RAM CAS-2.5- 400MHz Rated x 2 BUILT By ATI (Original) Radeon 9800PRO w/TV Out & DVI 128Meg DDR TEAC DV-W50E, 4x DVD-R/ 2x RW, 16xCD-R, 8xCD-RW, 16xDVD, 32x CD-ROM Internal Drive Only Western Digital Raptor 36.0GB HDD IDE, 8MB Cache, 5.2ms, 10,000rpm , S-ATA, w/DataLifeguard WD 40Gig HD for data MSFS2004 Full install at 1600x1280x32 Cheers, Chris Porter
  10. Great, then maybe SP1 and the SDK can make a simulatneous appearance :D :D Cheers, Chris
  11. Thanks for the reply Burkhard, much appreciated. Guess I need to become familiar with AFCAD2 then. Cheers Chris Porter
  12. As I understand it, MT has more scheduled flights than UT and more airlines and aircraft types than UT. Having said that, MT uses "regionalised flight patterns and UT uses RW schedules. I prefer MT as I don't care whether the flights AI are on time or not, I just want the ambiance of all of those aircraft in the air. Hope it answers some of your questions. Cheers. Chris Porter
  13. As a long time user of MyTraffic, I have to concur. The plug and play aspect is perfect for those like myself who have no interest in tweaking. However if you wish to expand the product, Burkhard and Husain have created a product that provides tweakers with a massive "blank canvas" with which to spend hours with. I look forward to the next version whether it be a service pack or completely new. Speaking of which, I would love to know in which direction Burhkard intends to take this. Cheers, Chris Porter
  14. As I understand it, the SDK's themselves are not an officially supported product from MS and are produced in the developers spare time and are made available as is. I would imagine development of FS2006 is already well under way. Cheers Chris Porter
  15. No problems, I can wait. Hopefully you guys have fixed the Qantas B767 textures as mentioned a long time ago. Best regards, Chris Porter
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